Living So That – Week 1


This week has been absolutely amazing studying Living So That by Wendy Blight (LST).  If you want to go deep in Bible Study this one is perfect, but even if you don’t there is so much in the book to make you fall more in love with our Savior.  I have never delved so deeply.

lst book

Here are just a few nuggets from the first week of Living So That:

CHAPTER 1 – JESUS CAME SO THAT – “God’s Word is my most cherished possession” (Wendy Blight) – Is God’s Word your most cherished possession?  It took me a long time to get that.  We have to study God’s Word if we want it to work on our hearts.  Wendy talked about how we can so easily memorize songs and movie lines, but we don’t memorize the Word.  Some months back I wanted to make that a practice for me.  I bought this plaque from Mary and Martha and put it in my kitchen.

DSC03216This was how it looked at the beginning of the week, but as I fell more in love with this verse I have been quoting since I was a child I kept going in and adding to it.  This is how it looked at the end of last week.   DSC03235

I also print out our memory verses from our Proverbs31.Org Bible Studies and put them on a simple picture holder in my kitchen window sill as well as one in my bathroom and on my computer table.


I keep a chalkboard in my laundry room.

Our memory verse this week was one most of us know, but this week I got to know it better.  I changed the plaque and put our names on it.  Try inserting yours in this one where it is underlined

.  blog-john 3.16

Part 1 – “Our lives should not be self centered and static; rather, they should be others-centered and active, making a difference for the kingdom of God.” (Wendy)  One of my favorite parts of this chapter was when Wendy said, “Life is messy, and God knows that.  One of the reasons He gave us the Bible is to equip out our faith in the midst of our messy lives………We can choose to make faith-filled choices, or we can make “faith-less” choices.”

blog - Heb 4.12

Part 2 – The Law – In part 2 of Ch.1, Wendy shares a quote by Dr. David Jeremiah: “…because of our sinful nature, when something is forbidden, the law makes us aware of it and we desire to do it all the more.”   Are you desiring to do something forbidden?  Do laws and rules bother you? Not me, I have always been one of those that like following the rules.  Wendy told us the “Spirit of life frees us from being held captive by the laws of sin and death. Because of God’s GRACE we are no longer bound by the law of sin and death.”


One of my favorite things she said was “No matter how often we read the Word of God, we receive something fresh and new each time.”   This is so true and even though we may have read a verse years ago, and it did not speak to us, today is a new day.  I find over and over that I skipped over or did not understand verses, but now because I am older or more mature in the Word, they mean so much more than they did when I read them at some other time.

“What fills our hearts determines our choices.” (Wendy)

“Grace is underserved.”  Just as Jesus forgave the thief hanging on the cross beside Him that day, we are forgiven.  “What a wonderful, beautiful reminder that you and I do not have to do anything to earn God’s grace.  It’s a free gift.  Grace does ot depend on what we have done, but on what God has done for us.” (Wendy)

Part 3 – New Life

This chapter was so awesome.  It talked about Romans 6:4 and how we can walk confidently out of the grave into a new life.  This is not talking about a grave as you think of it, but rather as we are buried with Him through baptism we walk into a new life.  At the moment of our salvation we die to our sins, and know a new life.  We walk in the “freedom of the cross.”  “Our flesh is weak.  The Holy Spirit is strong.  We can feed one nature or the other.  The one we feed most will be the one to gain power.”

So my friends do you live in God’s freedom, or are you bound up in grave clothes?  Are you held captive by anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, fear, doubt, etc.”  Jesus is calling us to live and walk in the freedom of that cross.   Jesus wants you to live and walk in the freedom of the cross.”

What has you bound up today? Give those burdens to your Father and walk in the freedom of the cross!

Part 4 – Holy Living 

“God’s holy spirit convicts us to know that we have not pleased him.  He then speaks truth into our hearts and empowers  us to change SO THAT we can do what is pleasing to Him.”

“Holiness becomes a reality when we surrender our hearts and minds to God.  We must turn away from our old ways and old habits.”

Part 5 – Prayer –  I just love how she describes  prayer as a “precious gift” (pg 33). It is a gift to us showing us how Jesus communicated with His Father while He was here on earth. Jesus began and ended His ministry with prayer. We need to follow Jesus’ example and remember that we can petition the Father on our own behalf. 

Here is Wendy Blight’s prayer for us during Living So That.  I wanted to remember it so designed this little picture.  I am praying this for each of my family and friends each morning during this study.

LST - Week 1 - Wendy's prayer


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