Living So That – Week 3 – Memory Verse – Finding Treasure in the Word

blog-Heb 4-16

Sometime life does not make sense, sometimes it is so hard, sometimes it is more than hard – gut wrenching and chaotic.  Sometimes life is going along just so peaceful, and all of a sudden it is shattered with heartache and heartbreak, and you find yourself in a valley wanting back on that mountain top.  Sometimes we just feel disconnected with everyone around us including our Lord.  We don’t know why – we are just disconnected and sometimes even depressed.

What a comfort this verse was to me as I broke it down and verse mapped it.

Let us THEN.  What is the definition of then.  Merriam Webster defines it as this:

                then – at that time: at the time mentioned – used to indicate what                             happened or happens next

So what should be done when our lives are shattered?  This verse tells us THEN – then we should approach.

                 approach – To move or become near or nearer in time to something

When life shatters us, we are to THEN APPROACH the throne of grace.  The throne as defined by Merriam Webster is “the seat of a deity“.  That THRONE is where our loving, glorious, holy, almighty, worthy, almighty, sympathetic Jesus sits and welcomes us.  That THRONE is where we are in the presence of the glory of Christ where we can and utter our requests and our praises.  That THRONE where the greatest deity of all time sits. That deity who already knows what those requests will be, and he is just waiting for us to sit at His feet.

In times past only certain individuals, the priests were able to go to the throne. Today because He lives, we are all invited, and He is there 24/7 just waiting for us to humbly come before Him.  What a privilege – direct access – and we do not use it!  It is free, it is available and He is ready to give us mercy and grace.

“So what is prayer?  Prayer is a gift.  Prayer is a privilege.  Prayer is two-way communication with God.  Prayer is a love relationship with the God who created us.”  Wendy Blight

Because Jesus died for each of us, we can approach the throne without worry, fear,  or being anxious that we don’t deserve His grace and mercy.  We can approach the throne with love and adoration and praise for our King.  We can approach the throne with EVERYTHING.  We can approach the throne with CONFIDENCE.

Wendy also shared this week how her friend, Lisa Allen shared prayer triggers.  I loved that so much.  “When you have a person for whom God calls you to pray, be creative.  Think of something that reminds you of the person.  invite God to open your eyes to see that trigger and use it to remind you to pray.”  She said that Lisa loves leopard things so when she sees something leopard, she prays for Lisa.  One of the ladies in our studies shared that she was wearing a piece of jewelry on the wrong arm to remind her to just pray about anything during the day.  Today I wore my watch on my right arm.  As I stood in the cafeteria as a monitor this morning, I prayed for the 300 students in there (6th graders), later when we were in the gym and our seniors were there to help us I prayed for each of them as they prepare to graduate, one of our special needs children hurt me today and I prayed for him as I had to go down to the nurse, and on the way home I prayed for families as I passed their homes.

prayer trigger

We can take steps days by day to draw closer and closer with ALL that we are, united with Christ, to the Throne of God.  Any time is the perfect time to go to the THRONE – morning, noon, during the day, evening, midnight, when you cannot sleep, before meals.  We can go to the THRONE in all kinds of ways – kneeling, on our face, standing, sitting, publicly, alone, with friends, with family, with strangers, driving or riding in our cars, taking an afternoon walk (I love to prayer walk), riding a bicycle, shopping, working, cleaning, resting and even when you awake during the night. I find myself awake many times at 2 or 3 in the morning and I know it must be God telling me I need to pray so I lay there and pray.  We can go to God anytime.  We do not have to wait for perfect conditions or circumstances.  Just go to the THRONE and pray following the example of Jesus!





4 thoughts on “Living So That – Week 3 – Memory Verse – Finding Treasure in the Word”

  1. You’re so right, Debbie. We can go to God anytime. We don’t have to wait for perfect circumstances or conditions. How comforting is that? Thank you for sharing today. I always love getting a peek inside your beautiful heart. (And thanks for the reminder to wear my watch on the opposite arm as a trigger to pray – we were challenged last night in Rev It UP to do this for the next week!) Love ~ Shelly


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