# Legacy – Blessed By Women – Week 4

Reblogging in honor of those women leaving me a legacy. My mom, mother-in-law, grandmothers, daughter, daughter in love and Melissa Taylor and Beth Moore.

Blogger Loves The King

printable-ledger-paper-hearts No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you.

This week we shifted gears from listing five blessings to honor women who have blessed our lives. Is there a woman or women who have impacted your faith and influenced your life with God’s love or attributes of his love? I immediately started to list names of women in my life and those who have had an influence  on who I have become. It is my to honor to reflect on some of those women.

LEGACY – dicitionary.com – “Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor.”

As I think about leaving legacies and my list, I want to remember women who I feel made me what I am today – those women who nurtured me, encouraged me, challenged me and prayed for me. I want to remember those women who I feel have passed on to…

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