Limitless Life – Week 1 – Afraid to Courageous

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose..png

Have you ever faced a giant in your life?  All of us have – some really, really big and some just big.  Remember the story of David and Goliath, and David’s courage.  Just like David, you and I can face those giants with God and victory will come.  What is a giant?  Anything that stands between us and God, including other people, pressure, addiction, persecution, sickness, depression, etc..  How are you facing your giants?  How are you teaching your children to face their giants?

This week in our Limitless Life study by Derwin Gray we are talking about courage and being afraid, and all kinds of labels that each of us carry.   I can find myself worrying and being afraid, especially during storms or if I have to spend the night at home alone which is once in a blue moon.  Have you ever been afraid?  How about when you take an exam at school, afraid of health test results and what they will mean, afraid when your children are out late, afraid when you have to get up to speak at school or church, afraid of what the future holds?  We have all been there.  I would be lying if I said I had not been in all those situations at one time or another.

I will be married 45 years in August.  Wow, right out of high school and now 45 years later and there have been many Goliath’s during our marriage and how God led us through those times in victory.  Was the courage there at first – no?  Were we afraid – oh yes we were?  But each and every time I have to say that the victory came, the fear turned to courage, and God blessed and helped us slay those Goliath’s as we remained faithful, believing, and getting on our knees and trusting in His perfect plan for our lives.

I don’t have just one story.  I don’t have just one testimony.  There are many through all these years, and I know there will be more.  We have to learn we can only get through those times leaning on Him and trusting in Him.  He is the author of our lives, and He is continuously writing a beautiful song until He takes us home.

So here are just a few stories when my husband and I faced giants, and I will try to keep them short:

1.  MISCARRIAGE – We went through at least six miscarriages before God finally blessed us with a son.  Each pregnancy took more and more courage to try and try again until we eventually turned it over to Him and rested in His perfect timing, and oh how He blessed with a precious son and daughter after doctors told me after the fourth miscarriage I would never carry a child, but my BIG GOD had other plans.  He had two special children planned to be born and grow up and be nurtured in His Word.

2.  PREMATURE BABY – I had toxemia with both pregnancies, but it was critical with our daughter and our husband almost lost both of us.  The took the baby nine weeks early and told him that neither of us might not make it through surgery.  She was not expected to live, but people were praying all over the U.S. (even without facebook in those days) but by word of mouth from christian to christian and she came home after several months in the hospital.  She had weighed in at 2 lbs 6 ozs and we did not know if she would make it because drugs were not available 30 years ago to strengthen the lungs.  That giant was a hard one being told she would be slow and sick, but our BIG GOD saw that she was valedictorian and sigma cum laude.  Only a BIG GOD can turn around those doctor’s expectations.

3.  BROKEN BONES – I fell down the stairs years ago and had a compound fracture to my wrist.  I went through a major surgery, an outer space looking contraption, painful therapy and months later could not use the hand.  We had to search for another doctor to fix the previous surgery and ended up with the Dallas Cowboys doctor not knowing if it could be fixed.   That doctor was not recommended – he just happened to be one that was listed in our preferred provider’s book. A BIG GOD answer to much prayer to find a doctor that could fix it.

4.  DEATH – The loss of my Dad, the loss of my father-in-law and the loss of two nephews in about five years.  That was painful.  That was a giant none of us expected or wanted.  All of them were too young.  How do people go through these times without a BIG GOD to lean on.

6.  ILLNESS – My Mom broke her leg, they did surgery and she got an infection that would later eat thru her leg, she could never use it again, and once the infection was outside they had to amputate. Her life was never the same, nor ours as we had to put her in a nursing home.  Watching her suffer for years with COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure and then this awful infection was hard.  Our BIG GOD walked us through that journey all the while watching my Mom grow in Him.

5.  LOSS – The loss of my Mom last year.  Oh how I have leaned and cried to my BIG GOD this past year walking through that pain.

6.  DISEASE – The joyous birth of our first grandchild and walking in to see him and seeing him without any skin on his precious little feet, and a major hospital not knowing what was wrong.  Today he is doing well.  He has a rare skin disease called EB, and he also has an unknown gene and after gene tests they don’t know what type EB he is, but our BIG GOD does and He knows what that unknown gene is and why it is there.

9.  WATCHING YOUR CHILD  SUFFER – A precious daughter who is still trying to conceive after many attempts and watching her walk through that valley.  A BIG GOD who one day will provide that baby to hold in her arms.  A precious son suffering with a child born with a horrible disease and feeling helpless, but knowing I have a BIG GOD who can change any circumstance.

So what do all these stories have in common with you?  We all have something in common and that is life experiences.  My experiences are different than yours.  We look at our experiences with different perspectives, and how we handle those experiences will determine how God uses us.

That verse does not say that our life experiences will be good.   It says according to His purpose.  It is in our pain, in our valleys, that we find our purpose.  God uses us when we are broken, when we are repentant, when we are hurting, when we are humble.  We can’t look at our experiences with our perspective, but rather God’s perspective.

So how are you looking at your giants today?  Remember God is with you every moment soaring over any giant in your life.   He is fighting for you.  Romans 8:28 reminds us He is working it all for our good and He is doing it all according to His purpose.



12 thoughts on “Limitless Life – Week 1 – Afraid to Courageous”

  1. Wow! Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing your story. I can see how God has worked and is working in your life. Praying many blessings on you today.


  2. oh, thank you so much for sharing your heart with us today. I was so encouraged to see how our Mighty God moved and is moving in your life. I have faced Giants, but, I still have more to come – of that I am sure – My folks are both elderly, I have a very dear friend that is in a very precarious place with her health and well being … I sometimes worry so deeply on how could I ever survive some of the losses and challenges you spoke of … This was exactly the very Bold Reminder that The Only Way, is going to be to cling to, cry to, hold onto, pray to My Might God. Thank you


    1. Thanks Elise. It is hard losing our parents and the second one is devastating when they are both gone. A few years before Mom died I read something that said “Make the Moments Matter”. I took it to heart and savored every moment with her and still do with my married kids, my hubby and my grandchild.


  3. You have quite the testimony, your are overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word or your testimony. These occurrences have revealed God’s faithfulness to help me to trust Him in ways that I didn’t want to-I just wanted to be sad and not to trust, but this is showing me how I can embrace the hard things and the hard times KNOWING that it really will all work together for my good because I love HIM and I am called according to His purpose-I can look at life and I can smile, and I’m glad I can say that. 🙂


  4. What a touching reminder of the God that sees us. Thank you for sharing your life experiences and how God has worked them according to His purpose.


  5. I have literally gone through all the blog links that have been posted. Currently pregnant and unable to walk so I’m stuck in our apartment and bed bound 95% of the time till I deliver in 4 weeks.
    I’ve read so many testimonies, cried through so many stories of pain and hurt…and now I read your post and am just in awe of how you are standing strong. The amount of Goliaths you have knocked down. You are an amazing woman of God…your endurance through the trials…I’m just speechless…my jaw hit the floor…6 miscarriages…and difficulties with the two that did make it…WOW WOW WOW!!!

    Then the other trials…jeepers! Sorry I have no words to adequately express myself when I read through them. I can’t articulate how I feel and I’m just glad that you poured your heart out. Why? Simply because you are strong tower in The Lord and your testimony to his glory is just awesome. I have faced some trials too…know how my mum has prayed for me whilst seeing me hurt when I was unable to conceive, and facing a cancer Go,oath recently. But now I know through your life that my future might be riddled with much more Goliaths and that I need to push through like you have.

    I thank God for knowing you…I love you my dear sweet sister in The Lord…and
    I pray for your daughter to experience the joys of motherhood. She is now one of 8 women I will include in my prayers…God has keeps on putting them in my path simply because I know exactly how it feels to carry the label ‘BARREN’.


    1. Thank you Sabrina for reading and for your prayers. So glad that you have time to read through all the blogs. I try to, but this week we went out of town. I was bedriidden to with our daughter – with the toxemia. They put me to bed and I was there for a month and a half and she came 9 weeks early so I know how difficult that is too. Wish I had of had OBS at that time. Love you sweet sister in Christ. Hugs and prayers for you and that precious baby.


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