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27 Jun


It’s Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker and the topic is Lost – 5 minutes – no more so here goes.

Have you ever lost a child in a store?   We lost ours once at church.  Oh yes we did.  I was reminded that Jesus was left in Jerusalem – his parents were traveling with family.

We lived about 15 minutes away and were having some friends over for dinner that evening after church. So I grabbed my 4 year old daughter and jumped in the car with the woman and her children and my hubby was coming in another car with her spouse.

I got home and started getting things ready and about 15 minutes later my husband walks in and I say where’s our son and he said I thought you had him.  Well it’s dark outside and our church was in a bad neighborhood.  We both panicked and he was heading out the door to go back to church when the phone rang.  A voice on the phone says “have you lost a child” and I started laughing.  Some good friends saw him walking around the parking lot – he was only about 7 years old.

Lesson learned from this grandmother – always make sure if you are separating that you know who the kids are riding home with.  Mine are grown now but it’s a good lesson for our new grandchild and kids to learn.


What Happens When Women Say Yes To God – Book Review

27 Jun
I thoroughly enjoyed this devotional and even bought another to give to a cousin who had surgery. This book is loads of fun and anything that Lysa TerKeurst writes is funny and inspiring. A must for women to go along with her book “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God”. The devotions are backed-up with scripture and Lysa share her journeys with the Lord – you feel like you are with her and you feel like she has been right where you are. One of the devotions she challenged us to be intentional in encouraging someone with a compliment, positive note, or text message. I stopped in my tracks that day and sent a test, sent an email, and posted a message to a teacher at school.
I love this book and will keep it close, especially if I am every feeling a life challenge upon me. This book will bring joy and I highly recommend it.  Get it in a hard copy so you can keep it close.
I received this book from Harvest House Publishing in exchange for an honest book review.


The Glory of Heaven Book Review

27 Jun

The Glory Of Heaven
by Betty Malz

glory book

This book contains true stories and answers about Heaven – our true home.  It was comforting to me even though I have been a Christian for years, but especially since we lost my Mom last year.

It explains what Heaven is like, how we arrive there, based on scripture and personal stories of people who have firsthand experienced walking through those glorious gates and provides us a beautiful glimpse of only some of what Heaven has to offer.

I loved this book  It was an easy, enjoyable read.  She reminds us that “people are all we can take to eternity” and “people are the only commodity that transfers from this life.”  There will be no more “racing the clock”, “no emergencies”, “no wrong decisions”.

Malz shares her own personal experience with death – 28 minutes – and tells us what she saw as well as the experience of many others.

This book will fill you with hope about a topic that is so seldom discussed.  Some of the topics she shared were:

  • Will I recognize and reunite with my loved ones?
  • Where is heaven located?
  • What kind of body will I have?
  • Will I be free from grief, pain and loneliness?
  • What will we do up there all the time?

I loved how she shared six principles we can follow to enhance the journey, to be assured that we walk with Him.  Go buy this book and learn all you can about your final home!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through Chosen Books, a Division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for an honest review.

Colossians 3:23 – Work Heartily

25 Jun

Colossians 323

Whatever you do.  Whatever the task, work, relationship, worship – anything and everything that I do each and every day, each and every moment.

Work heartily. Whatever I do, I need to work heartily, or as some versions say with enthusiasm.  I need to always give it everything that I have got.  Heartily in the Greek means from the soul.  Do I always, with enthusiasm tackle the things around my house – the laundry, the dishes, the yard, cooking, mopping, cleaning – the answer is NO!  Do I always with enthusiasm worship heartily – the answer is NO!  This verse tells me the answer should always be YES!  Slowly, I’m learning.  As I’m on my riding mower I am in worship and awe of the birds, the clouds and praying for those I know and love.  As I rise in the morning, I am rising heartily to greet a new day and a beautiful sunrise.  When I am washing clothes I give thanks for them and also the food as I am cooking.  As work, build relationships, serve with joy, and be honest.

As for the Lord and not for men.  No matter what our job is or what is going on in our lives, we should be doing it as for the Lord and not for men or ourselves.  Working for the Lord has eternal rewards that are not found by pleasing men.  When you are on the job, at church, and home are you doing for the Lord or for men or for you?  Are you doing it to be approved, rewarded, admired, complimented, praised or adored by men?  We should be working diligently, and it should always be only for Him – not for our spouses, our children our bosses  – but only Him and the rest will fall into place.

 The Lord’s inheritance is your reward.  Sometimes our jobs do not feel rewarding, and maybe you do not receive that pay raise or promotion or even a pat on the back with a thank you that you were expecting, or you may work so hard at home cleaning and cooking and never feel appreciated, taking care of elderly parents and feeling down and needing rest, or maybe you are in school where you have worked so hard to get an “A” and it did not happen.   Remember that the inheritance you are promised is your reward.

 “Let me encourage you. No one may see the behind-the-scenes work Jesus is doing through you, but God the Father sees. And He’s cheering you on.” (Limitless Life, Pastor Derwin Gray, p. 203)





Drop Your Nets – Gone Fishin’

25 Jun

Blog - Matthew 418-20Do you love fishing?   I do.  I love just going and being on the lake, watching a beautiful sunrise and being with family.  I love seeing the smiles on faces as my son finds the “perfect place” and we start reeling in those fish.  My son and my hubby will go fishing in any weather – frigid cold, rain and you name it – they go.  Not me – it has to be a warm, sunny day.


Family Fishin’ Fun

We studied about two fishermen this week – Peter and Andrew.  Jesus told them to drop their nets and they did.  They did not hesitate or doubt, they followed Jesus immediately.  Jesus is telling us just as He did Peter and Andrew to drop our nets.   So what is your net?  What is keeping you from fishin’ today, why are you hesitating, why are you doubting, what is holding you back?

What is it you should be doing that you think you might not be qualified to do?

 Pastor Derwin Gray told us this week in our Limitless Life Study that the truth is, we are not qualified to follow Him and that Jesus is calling losers and failures — like us — to become faithful followers of HIS!  He is not calling extraordinary people, He is calling ordinary people like you and me.  What is he calling you to do, what is it he is asking you to give up that maybe you have gotten so comfortable with that it has slowed your walk with him?Are you so comfortable with your job, hobbies, sports, so busy with your family and even church or school that you cling to them and you leave Jesus behind?

Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them 

Blog - Matthew 419


Father and Son – Both love fishing for fish and people!

God is calling us to do the same thing today.  Sometimes we lose sight of what we are called to do.  We get busy with our exhilarating lives – children, spouses, parents, grandchildren, jobs, finances, and pain.  We want to stay in calm waters, but Jesus tells us we are supposed to be fishers – fishers of men.   What does that mean?  It might mean simply reconciling with others, it might mean evangelism, it might mean giving up a job you are not happy in, it might mean being a light and showing Jesus right where you are in your present job and in your community.


So how is fishin’ for fish like fishing for men.  I thought about that for a bit and here’s what I came up with based on my trips with our son:

  • Be prepared.  We have to have a license to fish, and we need bait and equipment to catch fish.  We have to get up early.    Just like fishing for men – we have to be prepared.  We have to know Jesus, we have to show Jesus.
  • We have to find time.  Wow, isn’t life busy.  When we are planning a trip, it gets tough sometimes planning around several families and all our agendas.  We have to find time to be fishers of men too – we have to find the time and spend time with people and let them see Jesus in us.
  • It takes patience.  Sometimes those fish aren’t biting, and my son is not very patient.  He cranks up that boat and off we go somewhere else where the fish are.  Jesus went where the fish were, and he used methods and language that caught fish.  DO YOU?  Are you going where the “fish” are – at work, neighbors, community, grocery stores, sports events with your children, and even church.  Do you show Jesus wherever you go?  Just as the fish don’t come to us when we are fishing, people don’t come to us.  We have to GO!

Blog - Matthew 4.18-22

Time to leave our comfort zones NOW because He said GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO and live an others-centered life.

“Let me encourage you. No one may see the behind-the-scenes work Jesus is doing through you, but God the Father sees. And He’s cheering you on.” (Limitless Life, Pastor Derwin Gray, p. 203)

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