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Lessons from Sunflowers

Sunday was my birthday.  We met our adult children and our grandson for lunch, and then left for a wedding out-of-town.  The day before my husband had driven that same road and noticed huge fields of sunflowers, so to surprise me he told me to bring my camera, and we stopped on the way.  This is some of what I got to experience.


I came back home and began studying about sunflowers.  My mom loved them.  Several years back we stopped at a similar field, and my husband picked her a bouquet. She said it was one of the neatest gifts she had ever received.  Mom died last year so sunflowers mean a lot to me now along with shasta daisies, butterflies and dragonflies – some of her favorites.

Sunflowers have taken on a whole new meaning for me.  I was intrigued by their beauty, and so set out on a journey today to learn more about them.


Here is what I have found so far:

  • They love the sun.  They turn towards the sun.    It’s funny they turn during the day, and we noticed on one side of the road they were beautiful.  On the way back my hubby said we’ll stop and take pictures on the opposite side of the road.   Well they were turned away from the road,  and I didn’t know at the time that was why, but I didn’t get pictures because they weren’t facing the road – they had turned following the sun.  I thought it was how they planted them, and thought well that is weird.    They follow the sun from dawn until dusk.  In my studies today I read at some point they stop following the sun and become fixed.   Before the sun comes up they face east waiting for the sun to rise up, and they track it all day long.  What a lesson! How awesome it would be if the children of God would focus on the SON all day long! 
  • They follow the sun even on a cloudy day.  That’s a lesson for us too when we are in storm-filled lives to stay close to the SON, and follow Him rather than turning from Him in our dark times.
  • They resemble the sun and that is how they got their name.  Like the sunflower resembling the sun,  we were created in resembling our Father, in His image and he knew us by name even before we were born.
  • They require stabilization.  If they aren’t planted right, rooted well they will fall.  Is that not like us as Christians?  If our roots don’t grow deep and we don’t plant ourselves in His word, we will ultimately fall/fail.  We must have strong roots in the Word to survive.
  • Sunflowers are grown for seeds and sunflower oil.  We can eat toasted seeds and the birds eat the seeds that are produced by the sunflowers.  Like sunflowers, we should be producing seeds and sowing seeds in our lives.
  • If you look around at the sunflowers, and all plants, they grow from water, dirt and sunlight.  Imagine beautiful flowers made from dirt and mud.  A lesson we can learn even when we are feeling like messy dirt or mud – we are his masterpieces.


  • They grow tall and can reach up to ten feet based on some articles I read.  Look at this one.  I got so excited seeing it and a couple of others reaching up taller than the rest of the field.  That is how God wants us to be – different, reaching towards Him with our heads lifted up.


How are we like sunflowers or better still how were we designed like sunflowers?    He created us to always turn towards the light – to keep our eyes focused on Him.  All day we should be focused on the light  – just like the sunflowers

Sunflowers need the sun, I need the son.  Walk in the Light!


Mom loved the song “You Are My Sunshine” written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell.  She used to sing it to my niece.  I’m changing it today for my Savior.  Son-Shine He is always my Son-Shine – He makes  me happy when skies are gray.


6 thoughts on “Lessons from Sunflowers”

  1. Firstly, birthday blessings. His taken you through another year. Praise His holy name. This post was absolutely beautiful. I read it mesmerized by all the pictures and I learnt so much about the SON-Flower! I love their attributes, I love how you aligned them to us, behaving like them (biblically). Such insight! Thank you for being led by the Holy Spirit to dig deep and to reveal so much to you Ruth research. You give me a birthday present from your words and gave blessed me. I’m singing too now…hugs!


  2. I was looking for some information on Sunflowers and how they follow the sun to relate it to how we should follow the one true SON of God….this is WONDERFULL!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this, it really helped me a lot. It was such a blessing to read! Thanks!!! God Bless!


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