A Rest At Jacob’s Well – Week 3 – Limitless Life

Blog - Hohn 4.9-10

I love the story of Jacob’s Well and The Samaritan Woman.  God has led me to four Bible studies this past year where we talked about the Samaritan woman, so I guess there must be more to learn.  The last time I wrote about Sam, as we called her in one study, was last October from a whole different perspective.  You can read those blogs here and here.

The significance of Jacob’s well and Sammie, as Pastor Gray calls her in Limitless Life, was that this meeting place gave Jesus a much needed break on this long trip, and the opportunity to show her that He was the Messiah.   Sammie had been divorced five times and was living with a man in sin at that time.  She was considered “damaged goods”, but when she left the well that day Derwin Gray tells us that she was a “future trophy of grace”.

Jesus asked Sammie for a drink that day which was frowned upon.  He was a Jew and she was a Samaritan, and it was not considered clean to drink from their cups, or to even go through their town, and a Jewish Rabbi did not talk to women.  So why did Jesus take this long detour?  How did He know Sammie would be there in the hottest part of the day?

“Our very lives are like a desert; our souls are dry.  No matter how much physical water we drink from the well, our lives are still spiritually parched and lifeless.  No matter where we go, who we know, and what possessions we have, our souls are still eternally thirsty until we drink living water.  And Jesus is that living water.”  Derwin L. Gray

Blog - Confident Heart - Wk 2 = Quench

That day Jesus’ goal was to help Sammie realize that she had been trying to find love and acceptance in the wrong places.  Jesus offered her the living water helping her to recognize her greatest need was Him.  She left that day and rushed to the village to tell everyone.  What a transformation because when she went to the well she waited until the hottest part of the day so she would not meet anyone.  She left that day to go find everyone.

Sammie gave him a drink of water, but in return Jesus gave her living water.  John 4:10 NIV says, ” Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” 

What has this story taught me this week:

  1. God values us and we should value all people.
  2. God seeks us out.  He went out of His way through a town no other Jew would go through to find her knowing exactly when she would be there.  God desires us to love everyone no matter what ethnic background they are from.  We are to break down cultural barriers as He did that day.  We are to seek out others as we walk through our daily lives in our neighborhoods, churches, grocery stores, schools, etc..
  3. Sammie left and went to tell the town about Jesus.  We are to go and tell.  She came as a sinner and she left as a missionary.  He calls you and I to do the same.  Have you gone and told today?
  4. Jesus is the living water and gives us eternal life.  “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life’” (John 4:13-14; John 14:6).  All of us must recognize our need for His living water.
  5. We may have sinned and come short of His glory.  Others may consider us “damaged goods” but Jesus sees us as future “trophies of grace”.  We need to look at others as Jesus did regardless of who they are.
  6. Sammie went to the well for a drink of water, she received so much more.  We can too!
  7. Jesus knew all her sins.  He knows all our sins even before we were born.
  8. Jesus spoke to her as not as a woman, not as a servant, not as an underling, not as “damaged goods” as others would have done.  She, to Him was of equal value as a man or a Jew or a sinner.  That is a lesson for us all to remember when we look at others and how we treat them.
  9. Jesus said difficult things to her, reminding her of her sins.  Rather than run from the truth she listened and received His forgiveness.  We need to share the truth with others, and we also need to realize our sins and ask for forgiveness.
  10. Jesus took her from His thirst for water to her everlasting life.  He knows exactly where we are and He is ready to meet us too at our wells if only we will ask for His living water.  He gives it freely.
  11. Like Sammie, we often live in deserts of despair, alienation, addiction, etc. longing for the cleansing water that leads to joy, repentance and love.  Like Sammie we need to accept that cleansing water.  He is the only one that quench our deepest thirsts.
  12. He sought out a sinful, Samaritan woman.  Today He seeks out all sinners – black, white, all ethnicities – young and old – male and female – down and out – up and rich.

We all have past regrets.  We can’t hide from them.  Jesus knows every single, stinkin’ thing about each one of us.  There is nothing in our lives He does not know, and yet no matter what we have done He still loves us deeply.  He is waiting for you.  Thirst no more!

Let Him quench your thirsts!  Listen to this song about the woman at the well by Southland QT.


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19 thoughts on “A Rest At Jacob’s Well – Week 3 – Limitless Life”

  1. Debbie, I enjoyed reading your blog. What a beautiful description of what happened as Jesus encountered Sammie at the well. I have learned these things as well and I look forward to learning new lessons. I have really been inspired by this book Limitless Life. I know as I drink from the Living Water daily that I will have renewed energy, inspiration, dedication and I can be a vessel to carry the Living Water to other thirsty souls. I am so glad that God led me to be a part of the Soul Sisters, and I am getting so much from our discussions in our group. I look forward to reading your other blogs. Thank you, Soul Sister! Debbie Dean


  2. Debbie, I love the story of Sammie and the well! It just reminds us that we all can have the “living water” that Jesus talks about. And when you do accept the “living water,” you will NOT thirst anymore. God is so good and faithful!! His grace is amazing!


  3. What a fantastic post! Thank you so much for this amazing re-cap of the lessons of the Samaritan woman and her encounter with Jesus. Your post is so uplifting and encouraging to me!!!


  4. Amazing blog. Some great lessons that I will be writing down in my journal so as not to forget. Thank you for blessing me today!


  5. Oh, how thankful I am that He knows every single stinkin’ thing about me! And that He is able to make me righteous in His eyes… what an incredible gift! As usual, I love reading your words here, Debbie. You fortify our souls with His beautiful truth!


  6. She was considered “damaged goods”, but when she left the well that day Derwin Gray tells us that she was a “future trophy of grace”.

    This was me…and some days I still feel like “damaged goods”

    I have to remind myself and my SELF that I am a “future trophy of grace” in the eyes of God.


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