Trials and Bible Verse Promises

This week, due to a trial and some not so good news, I thought it was time to go to scripture and remind myself of God’s promises.   If you are feeling down today I hope it comforts you like it has me to read through these verses.  I know God cares about me and you in every circumstance, every minute detail of our lives.

God is not distant.  In fact He is very close.  Do I want to get angry?  You bet I do!  But as I pause and ponder about all of His goodness and grace, and that how very, very much He loves me – He loved me so much that He died on the cross for me – I want to bow down and thank Him for all the blessings He has given me and even miracles this past year that I am so unworthy of.

Have you ever hurt for your children with an anguish, with sobbing tears because of the pain they are going through?  I have and even though they love the Lord with all their hearts, I have to watch sometimes as they walk through valleys and when they do, it’s in these times that I hurt so much that I realize how much my Father loves me and hurts the same way I do.  I honestly had to remind myself of that yesterday as I hurt with a loved one and again today as I hurt with another one.  I cried, I bawled, I prayed and I bowed,  and I wanted to get mad, but I remembered He loved me too, He loves my children and He is hurting for me and with me as much as I am.  Yes, I would give my life for my children even as my Savior did for me without any hesitation.

So today I choose joy!  Oh yes I’m hurting and burst out in tears, but as I drop to my knees or go to my Bible and read a beautiful card I made during our Living So That Bible study, I sit here thanking my Father for all He has done and all He has promised.  Life is not perfect, and the older I get it seems the more trials I face.  He uses them to help us grow.  I believe in my heart that He uses them to build us up in the character of Him.  Sometimes our minds are on the things of this earth and not Him, but today I look to Him and His loving mercy and grace!

I’ve added to that card with some more promises I have found and hope they give you comfort.  I took the card from my Bible Study,  added more verses, and tried to make a beautiful one to go in my Bible to grab as I did in the wee hours of this morning.  I hope you print it out and enjoy it too.



3 thoughts on “Trials and Bible Verse Promises”

  1. These are very timely as we are going through some tough trials with our son. Thank you for posting these. Tonight I am really leaning on Matthew 11:38.


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