Worry – Time to Release It

It’s Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker and for me that wordy person it is so hard to keep it to five minutes, but here goes.

Release – From Dictionary.Com is to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.

One of the biggest things in my life I need to release is worry.  I’m not there yet, but working on it.  I could probably win awards for worrying.  There are seasons of life where we worry – loss of a loved one, loss of a job, financial problems and that list is huge.

So what can we do to conquer worry?  For me I have found that scripture trumps my worries and prayer.  This week due to a tragic loss in our family after spending a day in tears, I got on my knees and gave it to Him.blog-hebrews

I picked myself up and took a prayer walk praying for my neighbors, my school, and the farmers and ranchers around us.  That blog is here:  https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/prayer-walk/

One quote I love from the Wonderstruck study guide, by Margaret Feinberg. “Instead of focusing on the Why’s of our life circumstances, God calls our attention back to Him and reminds us of the Who that controls everything.”   “I think sometimes He wants us to ask the why so that we can be Wowd by His presence within it! ”  Is that awesome or what?

RELEASE – it’s time to release it to Him on our knees in prayer and in our hearts.  Set aside time with Him and release those worries.



2 thoughts on “Worry – Time to Release It”

  1. I would tie for first place with you on that worry award :). I completely agree scripture is the way to conquer it! I love your prayer walk pictures. Your neighborhood is beautiful. I can’t imagine seeing horses while walking around my neighborhood. What a blessing!


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