Colossians 3:23 – Work Heartily

Colossians 323

Whatever you do.  Whatever the task, work, relationship, worship – anything and everything that I do each and every day, each and every moment.

Work heartily. Whatever I do, I need to work heartily, or as some versions say with enthusiasm.  I need to always give it everything that I have got.  Heartily in the Greek means from the soul.  Do I always, with enthusiasm tackle the things around my house – the laundry, the dishes, the yard, cooking, mopping, cleaning – the answer is NO!  Do I always with enthusiasm worship heartily – the answer is NO!  This verse tells me the answer should always be YES!  Slowly, I’m learning.  As I’m on my riding mower I am in worship and awe of the birds, the clouds and praying for those I know and love.  As I rise in the morning, I am rising heartily to greet a new day and a beautiful sunrise.  When I am washing clothes I give thanks for them and also the food as I am cooking.  As work, build relationships, serve with joy, and be honest.

As for the Lord and not for men.  No matter what our job is or what is going on in our lives, we should be doing it as for the Lord and not for men or ourselves.  Working for the Lord has eternal rewards that are not found by pleasing men.  When you are on the job, at church, and home are you doing for the Lord or for men or for you?  Are you doing it to be approved, rewarded, admired, complimented, praised or adored by men?  We should be working diligently, and it should always be only for Him – not for our spouses, our children our bosses  – but only Him and the rest will fall into place.

 The Lord’s inheritance is your reward.  Sometimes our jobs do not feel rewarding, and maybe you do not receive that pay raise or promotion or even a pat on the back with a thank you that you were expecting, or you may work so hard at home cleaning and cooking and never feel appreciated, taking care of elderly parents and feeling down and needing rest, or maybe you are in school where you have worked so hard to get an “A” and it did not happen.   Remember that the inheritance you are promised is your reward.

 “Let me encourage you. No one may see the behind-the-scenes work Jesus is doing through you, but God the Father sees. And He’s cheering you on.” (Limitless Life, Pastor Derwin Gray, p. 203)






6 thoughts on “Colossians 3:23 – Work Heartily”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful lesson! I really needed it today. I have struggled for years trying to be a good homemaker. Cooking and cleaning are not joyful to me in any way. I need to remember my reward is “the Lord’s inheritance.” There is no greater gift. I love taking care of my family and household duties fall into that category. I need to follow your lead and give thanks for the clothes I wash and the food I cook :).


  2. Thanks for this! I am a stay at home mom of 2 very small children…2 under 3. It is so easy to find joy in their milestones, new discoveries and just their excitement over the smallest little things. When it comes to the endless laundry, dishes, and the messes I often find myself far from joy. I have been convicted about this a lot recently so thank you for the reminder of my conviction.

    Brittany (Proverbs 31 OBS Group 77)


    1. Thank you for reading Brittany and so glad it spoke to you. Wishing you the best. It is all over in a blink. REALLY mine are now 34 and 31 and it is like where did the time go. I have a grandson I keep 1-2 days a week and he is 11 months and I am worn out. I don’t get anything done the days he is here and I have another grandchild coming in Jan I’ll be keeping probably every day so I’ll be where you are, and I am going to savor the moments.


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