Drop Your Nets – Gone Fishin’

Blog - Matthew 418-20Do you love fishing?   I do.  I love just going and being on the lake, watching a beautiful sunrise and being with family.  I love seeing the smiles on faces as my son finds the “perfect place” and we start reeling in those fish.  My son and my hubby will go fishing in any weather – frigid cold, rain and you name it – they go.  Not me – it has to be a warm, sunny day.

Family Fishin’ Fun

We studied about two fishermen this week – Peter and Andrew.  Jesus told them to drop their nets and they did.  They did not hesitate or doubt, they followed Jesus immediately.  Jesus is telling us just as He did Peter and Andrew to drop our nets.   So what is your net?  What is keeping you from fishin’ today, why are you hesitating, why are you doubting, what is holding you back?

What is it you should be doing that you think you might not be qualified to do?

 Pastor Derwin Gray told us this week in our Limitless Life Study that the truth is, we are not qualified to follow Him and that Jesus is calling losers and failures — like us — to become faithful followers of HIS!  He is not calling extraordinary people, He is calling ordinary people like you and me.  What is he calling you to do, what is it he is asking you to give up that maybe you have gotten so comfortable with that it has slowed your walk with him?Are you so comfortable with your job, hobbies, sports, so busy with your family and even church or school that you cling to them and you leave Jesus behind?

Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them 

Blog - Matthew 419

Father and Son – Both love fishing for fish and people!

God is calling us to do the same thing today.  Sometimes we lose sight of what we are called to do.  We get busy with our exhilarating lives – children, spouses, parents, grandchildren, jobs, finances, and pain.  We want to stay in calm waters, but Jesus tells us we are supposed to be fishers – fishers of men.   What does that mean?  It might mean simply reconciling with others, it might mean evangelism, it might mean giving up a job you are not happy in, it might mean being a light and showing Jesus right where you are in your present job and in your community.


So how is fishin’ for fish like fishing for men.  I thought about that for a bit and here’s what I came up with based on my trips with our son:

  • Be prepared.  We have to have a license to fish, and we need bait and equipment to catch fish.  We have to get up early.    Just like fishing for men – we have to be prepared.  We have to know Jesus, we have to show Jesus.
  • We have to find time.  Wow, isn’t life busy.  When we are planning a trip, it gets tough sometimes planning around several families and all our agendas.  We have to find time to be fishers of men too – we have to find the time and spend time with people and let them see Jesus in us.
  • It takes patience.  Sometimes those fish aren’t biting, and my son is not very patient.  He cranks up that boat and off we go somewhere else where the fish are.  Jesus went where the fish were, and he used methods and language that caught fish.  DO YOU?  Are you going where the “fish” are – at work, neighbors, community, grocery stores, sports events with your children, and even church.  Do you show Jesus wherever you go?  Just as the fish don’t come to us when we are fishing, people don’t come to us.  We have to GO!

Blog - Matthew 4.18-22

Time to leave our comfort zones NOW because He said GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO and live an others-centered life.

“Let me encourage you. No one may see the behind-the-scenes work Jesus is doing through you, but God the Father sees. And He’s cheering you on.” (Limitless Life, Pastor Derwin Gray, p. 203)

16 thoughts on “Drop Your Nets – Gone Fishin’”

  1. Comfort zone…that’s often me slinking away from life! I’m very much introverted…I remember my hubby painfully courted me by convincing me often to leave and go out to dinner or some other social event. He still does that now even though we are married 5 years…begging me to leave the house for dinner. It’s a real stumbling block for me and your post hit home…I sooo need to just GO! People sure ain’t going to come to me, I need to be proactive. Time to make changes, I really am far tooo comfortable. Bless you for reminding me!


    1. Sabrina I too was an introvert and my husband and extrovert. I’ve changed but it was God. So glad my post blessed you. We had a family reunion this weekend and I loved it. I told my husband it was the best and then I told him I don’t know why I enjoyed it so much and I then I said I think I am the one that changed. Thank you Jesus for changing us to GO and to LET IT GO!


  2. This really hit home to me thank you for your words today. I need to Let Go!!! of financial burdens of debt.I feel like I am sinking and sinking and there is no net to catch me. Our church is in very bad shape financially. I am very active in our church and I love serving the Lord in everything that I do in church. I give him all the honor and glory in all that I do at church. I need to drop the net of burdens and worries and Let Go and Let God handle it.


    1. Hang on Barbara. There is a net to catch you. I was just listening to a sermon by Pastor Gray and in it he talked about impossible and saying Him-possible. Hold on to Him-possible during this valley and He will change it.


    2. Barbara pray the Prayer of Jabez each morning. I am amazed at what happens every time I prayer it. 1 Chronicles 4:10. “And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” And God granted him what he requested. I pray that prayer and sometimes put my name or my hubby’s or one of my kids or anyone else. I just prayed it with your name in it.


      1. Debbie, Thank you so much for your prayers and for sharing the scripture. I will pray this prayer each day and for others too.


  3. Great message Debbie. I need to listen to a God and drop my net and be a fisher of men.
    I loved all your pictures of the fish you and your family caught! Those fish are Huge!!!


  4. Thank you for your post. It is so hard to leave our comfort zone. Our lives are so busy. We do need to put JESUS first in our lives and let him lead us.


  5. You’ve given me great things to think about..especially being too comfortable in the comfort zone. I’ve been struggling to find my new place after my mom and aunt passed away. I had been their care givers for several years and also executors for both wills. While there’s so much to do, my brain just isn’t working as well as it needs to be. Lately, I tend to be burying myself in the my comfort zone. Something I’m always striving for is “letting go and let God”. Thanks for the reminder to drop my net and go!


    1. Kathy so sorry for you loss and I know it’s hard. I lost my mom Feb 2013 and I was her executor. I cannot imagine two. We finally got mom’s house sold this January but it took months to get rid of, give away, garage sale and finally trash so much stuff. We have to drop it and let it go and we find that He has to be enough because ultimately He is all there is, He never fails us and Heaven is our final home. Hugs to you as you walk through this time. It will never be the same. I was worn out from taking care of mom for 18 years, but now I would give anything to have her back here for one day.


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