Mixed Berry Smoothie – YUM!


I have been sampling and trying different mixtures with smoothies.  Made this one for my morning breakfast today.  Loved it.

1 cup almond milk – 30 calories

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries – approximately 30 calories

1/2 frozen banana – 45 calories

1/2 scoop whey protein vanilla powder (I used the Sprouts brand) 45 calories

I added a few tablespoons water so it wasn’t so thick

So about 150 calories


2 thoughts on “Mixed Berry Smoothie – YUM!”

  1. Oh, sounds yum indeed and a lovely pic to whet my appetite. Have a lot of weight to shed…after having a baby you would think you would loose a few kilos…but I jump on the scale and see the same number I saw when I was pregnant…like seriously 😦 i did loose five kilos a week later but so much more to go…now that my milk supply is established I need to watch what I eat and smoothies sound like a good idea. I made almond milk last week but will make some again just to try your recipe out! Blessings!


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