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God so loved the world! God so loves me!

I am blessed studying “Am I Messing Up My Kids” by Lysa Terkeurst.  If you want to join some of the most amazing Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor and her awesome team, click on this link:


One of the blog hop topics this week is “My God Love Story”.   It has taken much thought to write this one from my heart.

My God love story began long before I was born, and so did yours.  Many of us think that love is those fairy-tale, Prince Charming-Cinderella feelings during our teenage years, and for me and my husband who met and fell in love in high school, it was and yes it still is and only because of God.  Has it always been easy to love each other? No.   Are there still days we disappoint each other?  You bet there is, but it is during those times I try to focus on the positive and good, remembering the wonderful Godly man I married.  For anyone married as long as us (45 years next month) life is NOT always easy.  I’ve found no matter what the journey that we can still love  like Jesus taught us as we grow more deeply in love with Him.

We enjoy going to movies – yep the popcorn calls us, but for me it’s a special time because we always hold hands.  When the popcorn’s gone, he reaches over and takes my hand.

us3I love always kissing him goodbye in the morning.  Even if I sleep in until 6:00 AM, he comes in and wakes me to kiss me goodbye, and evenings he comes in and hugs me as I greet him at the door.  Did we always do that?  No.  It’s over the years as we have fallen more in love with God and respect for each other that we’ve added endearing moments.

I remember not being able to stand to be apart when we were dating, missing him when he went home, and then he would call and we would stay on the phone for hours, and then hanging up and me waiting anxiously the next day for his call or to see him at school. Back then girls did not call boys – no internet, no texting, no cell phones.  Today, for him, there is still no internet and texting, but he finally uses his cell phone, and even turns it on occasionally.

Was it like that when you fell in love?  Do you love Jesus like that and MORE?   We should constantly want to talk to Him.  We should be planning our next date with Him. How long has it been since you really spent time with Him?  How long has it been since you longed for him and He for you?

So what is your love story today?  Who or what is your FIRST LOVE?  How would you fill in this blank space – my first love is ___________(your name, money,  job, house, car, boyfriend/girlfriend,   spouse or  children)?  Our first love has to be Jesus, and everything else falls into place.   Lysa said, “I have to consciously return to my first love every day.  In big ways and small, I have to make the choice to reveal the reality of Jesus in my life.”

Years ago I admired my husband to a fault, and cherished my children the same way, sometimes forgetting who should have first place, but one day I was knocked to my knees realizing my husband and children are human, and they are going to fail me and I them.   He is the ONLY one that will NEVER let us down, and I find that He is MORE THAN ENOUGH when trials come, when I feel like a failure as a wife or mother, when I am having an awful day, and when I am on my knees in despair.  He is ALWAYS waiting for me with a great, compassionate, tender love like no other.

Lysa reminded us our hearts need to be sold out for God, “a heart that loves Him not for what He does, but for who He is…….When things are going wrong, praise Him anyway!  Thank Him in advance for the good He will surely bring from all situations. (Romans 8:28)”

We are taught how to love God in the Ten Commandments.  Look at the first three:

  1. I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange gods before me.

  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

  3. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.

A lesson for all of us – money, husband, home, children, job – NOTHING should be a “god” before Him!

Do you hold His name Holy, or do you take His precious name in vain?  Do your children and spouse see how Holy He is because of how you live?

Are you keeping the Sabbath holy?  Do you get up anxiously awaiting to go to church and hear God’s Word, or do you grudgingly get up scurrying around and yelling at the kids to get dressed, running late, putting on a smiling face at church?


NOW read it again and insert your name where it says love and it, i.e. Debbie is patient, Debbie is kind, Debbie does not envy. The first time I did that it broke my heart when I realized how I was not loving my husband, children and parents like that.  Even today I have to go back to that verse and reminded what love is.

The next seven commandments are about loving our neighbors and can be summarized as follows:

PicMonkey Image-56.jpg

Jesus is our only role model, our Prince Charming and the perfect example of how we should love one another.  Jesus is the greatest love story ever told  as he showed us His amazing love on the cross.  No matter what happens in life, He should be our God love story.  Had it not been for Him, I would have no love story!

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15 thoughts on “My God Love Story”

  1. Debbie,
    Thanks for sharing. My husband and I are working at those actions of endearment. We’ve been married about half the years you have. I’m thankful for God’s patience with me. I’m so thankful He loves me and delights to have me spend time with Him. That’s one of the reasons I get up early 🙂


    1. Me too Ruth. I love getting up early. I like sleep too, but the day goes so much better when I am up early. You’ll find the longer you are married, the better it gets. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs. Debbie


  2. Love you love story! I love how you describe the beginning of a relationship. The high that you think you will never come down from where you can’t get enough of your partner. However after the marriage highs and kids…thats where the real work begins…
    45 years…how wonderful and coming to a point if love and respect. I have only five years under my belt and boydid I often think that my marriage was going to fail many a time. We have weathered some great storms and I pray I too can enjoy 40 plus years more to my marriage. Modt importantly is God using the dynamics of our human relationships to teach us about what He desires in having with us. We are His bride and we need to work hard to keep out marriage with Him alive. To stop putting other things first. Loved how you left blanks for us to fill in…
    A great post…much blessings and may God see you through many more marriage years!


    1. Thanks Sabrina. Sometimes those roads are rough, but we have to remember for better or worse and I can honestly say that I am glad I weathered those “worse” moments. It’s so worth it and gets sweeter each year. Love you. Debbie


  3. Oh my first love…my Jesus! When I was young I wanted so bad to be loved by a boy like only my Heavenly Father could love me & I am so thankful I have finally found that love. I just finished a Gideon study at my church & yesterday we talked about clearing the stage & making God first & foremost in our life & now here I am just getting more confirmation of that truth. Thank you so much Debbie!

    Tonya ~ Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team


  4. Debbie,
    I loved reading about you and Mix! 🙂 And 45 years next month?! Congratulations!! Thanks for reminding us to set aside time for our first love. Thanks also for opening the Word and sharing these scriptural reminders! So blessed to walk and serve in community with you! Love ~ Shelly (OBS Team)


  5. This is a wonderful story of love! Thank you for this lesson today. I put my kids first far too often. My priorities are something I’m trying to work on. Your marriage sounds beautiful. My husband and I have gained more respect for each other over the years as well. As my relationship with God improves, my marriage does also. It’s great how that happens :). Happy (almost) anniversary! 45 years is something to celebrate.


    1. Thanks Candace. As we grow in our Lord our marriages grow sweeter too. Not that there were not some rough spots – there are, but we have to keep trudging. Lesson learned – I gave so much to the kids running to sports and school stuff that I was not giving to my man. They need us too even though we are drained but a simple greet you at the door was something that filled him up coming home from a hard day at work.


  6. I have taught that our love for God should be like our first love. I recently shared that if we spend time with God as we do those we love then that is how we began to act and talk like God… just as we do our spouse.
    The more I study his word the more I am realizing that I haven’t made Him my first love. As the prophet Isaiah says ..”Woe is me, for I am undone, a sinner with unclean lips.”


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