Third Day sings this song.  Listen or read the lyrics.  Do both – you’ll be blessed.

I am captivated by the clouds.  Yesterday as it clouded up a bit, and thundered and the wind picked up, I just went out and sit on the porch with my camera.   I never saw a drop of rain, but I saw a whole lot of God even in a rainbow that formed later.  Do you ever just sit and watch all of God’s creation and thank Him?  I do.  I take my grandson out on the porch, who will be one year old tomorrow, and we watch the birds, the hummingbirds, butterflies, and clouds and I am just in awe.  If you haven’t slowed down a bit and paused to look at God’s handiwork I hope you will after reading my blog today.  If you do, please share a comment of what captivated you today.

Blog - Psalm 365


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