Blog - Exodus 1414

The Lord will fight for us  – we need to be still and know!  But verse 15 also reminds us that the Lord told Moses to tell the Israelites to move.  As I think about this God is fighting for us and yes we have to be still and know He is, but we have to also like the Lord told Moses move.  For instance, our grandson has a horrible disease.  We know the Lord is fighting for us – we are still to know that – but at the same time we have to move – my daughter-in-law is trying all sorts of things to make him better as we call on God to give her the knowledge to find something that will help.  If you are looking for a job, know He is fighting for you as you are still and know that He will provide, but you cannot just sit and wait – you have to get out and look for a job, go on those interviews.  You may be in debt and praying and knowing, but you can’t just sit there and get out of debt – you have to move – you have to quit charging, keep working toward dwindling down that debt.


  1. I love this verse too! It helps to remind me that I am not alone in the daily struggles. As a pastor’s wife, it has been my ‘go to’ verse when people can be judgmental or falsely accuse myself or one of my loved ones. We don’t need to take on the fight. God will fight for us. We just need to just keep moving forward into calling to advance to Kingdom for His glory! Thanks for the reminder!


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