Reach – Five Minute Friday

Today is Five Minute Friday and the word is reach.  I was reminded of a blog I wrote earlier this year when my husband, on my birthday, drove me by a field of sunflowers.  Heres’s that blog and I’m grabbing a few lines from it because it is longer than five minutes (Lessons From Sunflowers).

Look at this sunflower reaching above all the others.

Blog - Psalm 3.3 sunflowers

I got so excited seeing it and a couple of others reaching up taller than the rest of the field.  That is how God wants us to be – different, reaching towards Him with our heads lifted up.

He created us to always turn towards the light – to keep our eyes focused on Him.  All day we should be focused on the light  – just like the sunflowers

Sunflowers need the sun, I need the son.  Walk in the Light!

bLOG-1 jOHN 1.7

I am reminded of that song – Your Love Lord Reaches to the Heavens.


1 thought on “Reach – Five Minute Friday”

  1. As I read your post the words from a hymn popped into my mind: “walk in the light”. How can you not do your best if you are walking in His light and under His guidance 🙂


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