It’s Five Minute Friday and today we are blogging abut whisper.

I love to slow down – the quietness, being alone, blogging, reading.  How about you?

This morning it is quiet, the sun has not yet risen, I’ve finished my bowl of oatmeal, the neighbors lights are still out, and I sit here in the calm, drinking my cup of coffee with my cinnamon creamer, and begin my study as my husband pulls out of the driveway.  That is how I get to start most mornings since I retired.  I know that this is just a moment in time because once my husband decides to retire and be at home, he will have the television on some hunting or fishing or cooking show or the weather channel.

Oh yes I am not immune to busy.  Just follow me one day.  Up, breakfast, an hour or two in Bible study, blogging, facebook, exercise maybe, house cleaning, substitute teaching, church, caring for a grandbaby, and yep the list just goes on and on and on until some nights as I lay my head on my pillow, my thoughts are spinning and thinking so loudly that I cannot go to sleep.

It’s in those nights as I sit up alone wanting to sleep and can’t that I know it may be Him telling me to slow down, it may be Him saying let me speak to you my daughter, it may be Him telling me stop to pray right now for someone, or just open your Bible and read what jumps out on that page.

I love days when my grandson is here.   I am actually running and chasing him because he is beginning to walk and yep he found the stairs and he likes to open and shut doors over and over, so when he is here Nanna is on the go.  Occasionally he cries and I don’t know why so we just walk out on the front porch and sit in one of those rockers, and I turn him toward the road and the crying stops.  I can sit there and hear whispers from God in the form of a butterfly Blog-Romans 122

or a hummingbird, a cloud or watching the trees sway or some leaves falling.  It’s in those moments when I pause and slow down that I can see His hands at work, that I can hear Him whisper as I clear my mind.  It is in those moments that are like no other – moments with God, moments with a precious little one that He sent to love and nurture that causes me to slow down and give thanks that He whispers my name in that still, small voice.

 blog-1 Kings 1912

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