Favorite Easy Fall Candy – Two Ingredients

The weather man is talking about Fall arriving in Texas this week.  Don’t you love Fall and all it brings?  The decorating, the soups, falling leaves, and cooler temps.  I love Fall.  I won’t miss the hot days of summer, but I will miss swimming.

One thing I love about fall is buying candy corn, and I did just that this weekend when they started talking about our temps being in the 60s later this week.

Many years ago we were all talking about candy corn at work, and one of my friends asked me if I had ever made a Pay Day tasting candy with candy corn.  Say WHAT!  That is one of my favorite candy bars.  Her brother laughingly showed her that.  I am glad he did because now I must have a dish on my counter in the fall.

So here goes (and remember it’s so good limit yourself to a small handful):

Start out with a cup of candy corn.  If you want to do a larger bowl or use the whole bag do that with equal amounts of peanuts.

Take a heaping cup of peanuts!



Put them in a pretty candy dish! I use one that Mom gave me.
Add a heaping cup of your favorite brand of candy corn!



Looking good and finished!
Finished! Now remember only one handful at a time.






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