The Best Yes – Week 1 – Psalm 111:10

blog-Psalm 111.10


I am in a Bible Study by Lysa TerKeurst called “The Best Yes“.  On Monday we watched a video of Lysa in Europe, and I saw the Shepherd’s Gate Clock in Greenwich, England.  Loved it and how she shared that there is a slave clock linked to a master clock and how you can always count on it to be set correctly.  You can see the video and the awesome clock here.

Lysa reminded us that “time is an anchor for the world – 60 sec in a min, 60 min in an hour and 24 hours a day”  and that time is universal, and it is unchanging, and it is one of the few things we see across cultures.

I loved this video (watched it 4 times this week) as I listened to the message that a clock must be set to the right time, or it is useless.  I know that, but today’s comparison of how our hearts must have Godly wisdom to be useful was good timing. and how a clock guides us through our day and so should God’s wisdom.  I will never look at the hands of a clock again and not think about the hands of my Savior.  As she talked about looking at the hand of God in EVERYTHING we do, I thought about isn’t that like a clock too – it has hands that we focus on in everything we do, constantly, constantly looking at a clock or a watch throughout the day – or at least I do. If we focused on our Lord like we focus on the hands of a clock all day, how would our hearts and lives be changed. Sooooo thankful for this beautiful message to start the week and the study.

Lysa also talked about how it is not just our salvation decision where we choose to follow Him.  It is every single day, every small and every large decision.  God whispers to us during the day to follow Him.  How have you listened today and blessed someone in your life?  What have you done today with your 24 hours?

Our Bible verse this week talked about the fear of the Lord.    We learned about several words – pachad which means terror and Yir’ah which means a reverence for God.  In our verse this week we learned about a fear that means reverence, an attitude of awe, looking for God in everything, letting Him become our focus, respecting Him as Lord of all, a holy type fear and looking for the hand of God in EVERYTHING.  Proverbs 9:10 says this -“The fear of the LORD  is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One  is understanding.”  The more we know Him, the more we will begin to fear Him and the more we fear Him, the more Holy He will become to us.

“You make your choices and your choices make you.”  That was a powerful statement Lysa made.  It made me think a lot about the choices I make with the foods I put in my mouth, the choices I make with my time each day.  Are they choices that honor the Lord?  Are you anchoring your heart in the Lord today?

Chapter 3 ended with a reminder to check our attitudes.  Lysa said she adds the phrase “so that I might bless whom”.  That statement will stick to me.  Why do I do anything I do?  Some of my statements or activities I thought about as I read that:

  •          Blog – so that I might bless whom?
  •          Take photographs – so that I might bless whom?
  •          Substitute teach – so that I might bless whom?
  •          Bible study – so that I might bless whom?
  •          Cook dinner, clean house, wash clothes – so that I might bless whom?

What are you doing today to be a light?  What are you doing today so that you might bless whom?  What are you doing today to grow in wisdom of Him?  I would love to hear your thoughts.




2 thoughts on “The Best Yes – Week 1 – Psalm 111:10”

  1. After reading the first couple of chapters, I realize I need to do a reality check. Asking myself are the things I am doing for God’s glory or for Linda’s recognition. I know that I must have my eyes and focus on Him everyday. Missing one day of Bible reading leads to taking my eyes off of him and trying to do things on my own. It doesn’t work. I am thankful He is always willing to take me back when I fail.


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