31 Days – Filling My Life and Home With Good Things

31 Days

I am participating in Kate Motaung – 31 Days of 5-Minute Challenges.  I hope I can keep up with it.  Sometimes the days are just so full, it is hard to find time to write.

For the next 31 days I hope to share things about home and life, inspiration, organizational, freebies or whatever God lays on my heart.  Hope you’ll come back and check out my blog in the days ahead.

Day 1:  UNRUSH me daily Lord


Day 3:  Five Minute Friday – NEW

Day 4:  LEARN – Never too Old

Day 5: STUCK

Day 6:  KNOW

Day 7: GO

Day 8: SAY

Day 9: JOIN

Day 10:  CARE

Day 11: TEACH

Day 12:  REST

Day 13:  WORK Heartily

Day 14: Up, Up and AWAY

Day 15: Get A LIFE

Day 16:  ADJUST One Moment At A Time

DAY 17:   Five Minute Friday – LONG

Day 18:  TASTE



Day 21:  SECOND

Day22:  EXPECT

Day 23:  LOOK

Day 24: Five Minute Friday – DARE

Day 25:  ENJOY

Day 26:  VISIT

Day 27:  Fall FREE Lunchbox Printables

Day 28:  AWAKE with a Thankful Heart

Day 29:  UNITE

Day 30:  FIRST

Day 31: LEAVE the lights on – it’s October 31


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