Day 2 – Heart and Home – Make the Moments Matter – Bloom

Blog - Matthew 5.14

Don’t you just love Fall, especially the colors.  I live in Texas so we don’t get those bold, beautiful colors in the tress too often and we are just beginning Fall.   Thunderstorms, hail, and cooler temps are predicted for this afternoon, but by cool temps I mean highs in the seventies.  The picture of the mums above is one of two pots I have out by the pool this year.

And these beauties are coming up in one of my flower beds.  I love the color and was reminded this morning of how God has placed us here to love, to bloom, to be like Him.  “Bloom where you are planted”.  Flowers need roots to grow.  We need roots too, and the way I find my roots is to spend time in His Word each day.  How about you?  How do you find your roots or better still how do you grow your roots, how do you let them grow deep?  Are you blossoming in Him?


Bloom where God has planted You.  I’ve been reading “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst and one of the things she has reminded us of is that the mundane things and how we have to “practice wisdom in the everyday places of our lives”, and “never to despise the mundane.”

We can bloom right where we are – right now in the mundane – the the house chores, in the carpools, in the taking care of our elderly parents.  What are you doing today to bloom?  We have to stop, smell the flowers, and we have to look, to see the hand of God in everything we are going through no matter if it is a valley or a mountain top.  Make the best of whatever situation you are in.

As Steven Curtis Chapman’s song says, “it all matters just as long as you do everything to the glory of the one who made you.”


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