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Day 2 – 31 Day Challenge – Memorizing Scripture


I love memorizing scripture.  It has come alive for me as I’ve grown more in the Word, so I thought I would share a few ideas of how I memorize scripture.  I made a list above, but also here are a few pictures of how I have been successful.

Printing out cards and keeping them with me.  You can do them on index cards, but I like to find take one of my pictures, add the verse and carry them in my purse so I can grab them where ever I am.  I even pull them out when I’m sitting in traffic or at a red light.


I love verse mapping.  Verse mapping the verse, looking up the meaning of the words and writing it out helps me memorize.


One of my favorite things is writing it out on this dry erase plaque which is in my kitchen.


I also print out cards that I design and place them throughout the house in little picture holders.  I keep one in my bathroom and one over my kitchen sink.


When I’m memorizing I say it over and over and over.  I start with a few words at a time and add to it each day.  My goal is to learn one scripture a week.  It takes discipline and repetition is the key for me.


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