Unrush Me Daily LORD – Day 1 – 31 Day Challenge


Lord today as I finally am taking a moment to just sit outside and enjoy nature, and listen to the falling water in the pool, I thank you for this time to savor your presence and spirit.  I thank You for this Bible study, for allowing me time to soak in Your Word and also for some time to sit at Your feet, and now for a few minutes, breathe, and stop for a moment to blog.

I’ve been so busy Lord that I run from this to that, and every single day I’ve said I am going outside to enjoy the pool and the weather.  Thank you for this beautiful day.  Thank you for the birds that are chirping.  Thank you for this cooler weather.  Thank you for the sunshine that is shining down and thank you for the shade I am sitting here in.  Thank you for the breeze and watching the trees sway.  Thank you for the fall flowers, the mums blooming,

blog-isaiah 408

and even still a few butterflies DSC03953and hummingbirds and bees,


and the eyes and ears to see and hear all of this.  Forgive me for not soaking in these moments and dwelling in Your presence more.

Unrush me Lord.  Help me as I try to make things less complicated.  Help me to find time for all the things you would have me do today.  Give me wisdom today.  Help me to make Godly decisions today that will show your glory tomorrow.  Help me to see Your hand in every single thing I do or touch today.

As I take a walk later this morning, as I check into our Bible study throughout the day, as I buy groceries, as I clean, as I wash, as I blog, may each thing be done to honor only You and not me. May I look for You and to You throughout today and tomorrow as I seek Your wisdom.

31 Day Challenge – Kate Mataung


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