31 Day Challenge – Heart and Home – Making the Moments Matter – Fall Ideas – Day 3

Happy Fall Y’all.  I love Fall.   It’s just beautiful and I love decorating.  This year I scaled back a little bit.  You know how it is when you have a 1-year old grandson who just loves to pick up things.



Yesterdayblog - pumpkin spice creamer we had storms bringing in much needed rain in our drought here in Texas.  The hot and humid Texas summer days are over.  The temps are not quite Fall yet, but the low 80s is a relief for us today.   I love how the trees are starting to turn and miss my drives to work when I had a short drive by the lake with beautiful colors showing off.  I’m retired so don’t have that long drive each morning.

I love my pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee.  DSC02407

I love sitting here each morning before the sun rises 039  and opening my Bible and my prayer pages to worship and pray for those I love.blog - Heb 4.12

I love opening windows and turning the air conditioner up, but it seems we are not comfortable anymore sleeping with our windows open.  I miss that!

Some of my favorite colors for the fall from this year and previous years look like this:116








2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge – Heart and Home – Making the Moments Matter – Fall Ideas – Day 3”

  1. We seem to be such kindred spirits. You drew me back to my childhood with the mention of open windows and breezes pulled through the house with a attic fan. Of course, I grew up in the north, but I miss that fresh feeling and the beautiful colors of fall.


    1. GiGi I remember when I was in high school so, so many years ago we had an attic fan. I loved it. Funny my son and DIL have one now in their home. I have always been in Texas so I don’t really get to experience those galore falls.


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