31 Days – Day 5 – STUCK

blog Proverbs 3.5-6

Have you ever been stuck?  Are you feeling stuck right now – parked – not moving forward?  Do you feel like someone has hit the pause button?  Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope?  Honestly, that is exactly where Satan would love for all of us to be.  No matter what situation you are in, there is always hope and you can take small steps when you can’t take the big steps to move forward.

Think today about one thing you can do – one small step.  God has not and will never forget you.

blog - mighty oaks

Oaks do not come strong trees overnight.  It takes lots of water, fertilizer, sun and pruning.  A lot like us don’t you think?  We need nourishment from God to grow, we need nourishment to get unstuck.  We need that nourishment to fill our holes when we hit rock bottom, when the shame, guilt, fear, doubts and all those other things come to mind.  We need to replace those thoughts and re-seed with the Word of God and move on as we change our perspective.  Changing perspective is letting go of the shame of the past and present and moving forward so we can be comforted.

In the verse above God promised to bless his people and raise them up so that they would be called “Oaks of Righteousness”.  That should be our prayer for ourselves and our children and generations to come.    He likens us to the oak trees and says we will be called oaks of righteousness.  What a beautiful message to us and expression of love from God!  He wants us to be strong and He has given us the Word to show us how to grow deep roots in Him. Those deep roots come slowly and need time to develop.

That verse also says, “for the display of His splendor.”   Did you know we were planted or born to display His splendor?   What a verse!  It does not matter if I am having a bad day, it does not matter how I am feeling, it does not matter if life is hurting, that verse says we should be displaying His splendor through it all. We are not to give up and wither when we are in a drought, but rather let our roots of our knowledge in Him draw us closer to Him.

TODAY is a timely reminder to us all that we are here “for the display of His splendor.”  We are to turn gracefully towards the light just as trees bend toward the light and learn that no matter what our circumstances we are to move forward and display His splendor.    Are you an oak, are you displaying His splendor or are you a dead oak?

… they will be called

oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the Lord
for the display
of his splendor.”
Isaiah 61:3

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