Day 4 – 31 Day Challenge – LEARN – Never Too Old


It’s day 4 (and I’m a day late) participating in Kate Motaung – 31 Days of 5-Minute Challenges.  We got busy this weekend with a wedding rehearsal, the wedding and a church luncheon this afternoon. So today I am trying to catch up and it’s after midnight, and is now Day 6.  So here goes Day 4 – LEARN.

What I have learned about learning!  First no matter what someone might tell you, you are never too old to learn and you are always learning through every stage of life.

  • MARRIAGE – When we get married, we have to learn to live with someone else who is usually an opposite of us.
  • NEWBORNS – When we have a newborn, we learn to change diapers, nurse or work with formula, teach them to talk, walk and watch them grow up.
  • GROWN CHILD – When we have one leave for college or marriage, we learn what it is to have them leave home.
  • RETIREMENT – we learn to slow down or at least some of us do. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

I went back to college with my children.  I decided I was not going to be the only one in the house without a degree.  I was working full-time, had two college age children, taking care of an elderly mom, and the college was not going to help me progress at work.  I had already been promoted as high as I wanted to go, but I did learn a lot about management, teaming, leadership, and speaking.  Hear me now – you are never too old to go back to college – I was 54 when I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

I retired and I had this big bookcase of books – mostly novels I was buying up to enjoy on those cold and rainy days after I got my house organized.  What happened I found on-line Bible studies or God led me to them.  I fell in love with them and now two years later I am a volunteer group leader and a team leader.  I love the studies we are doing, and even occasionally participate in another one with another group or one at church.  That alone keeps me busy and I am learning so much more than I ever could when I was working full-time, raising kids, and helping with my Mom.

So what else am I doing.  Well I decided I wanted to meet more people in my community.  Afterall, my kids went to a private school some miles away so I had never gotten involved with the public schools and didn’t want to, but one day God spoke to my heart and I went and filled out applications and entered the public school system as a substitute teacher.  I love it and had I known what I know now, my kids would have attended these schools.  But let me tell you things have changed for this retired grandmother and I am learning new ways of doing math and loving all the classes I am a part of including art which I never took.  Amazed at all I can learn every single day I am called to school.  Best of all I end up many days with special needs children.  That first scary day turned into a beautiful humbling day and I love being with them.

What else am I learning?  Taking care of babies is not exactly like it was 35 years ago.  The bed I kept in my attic for my grandchildren is not safe – it’s still there in the attic in excellent condition.  The way we feed them is different – heating bottles, cleaning bottles is different.

I am also learning that I do love reading, but I love studying even more.  I love memorizing scripture and making it come to live.  I love reading the Bible.  See that picture above – it’s real – it’s real live NOW.  Those are the books right now that I am reading and studying.   I am in two on-line Bible studies – The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans and I’m also reading Peace in the Storm (Book Review) and The Seven Practices of Effective Ministry to help me in my volunteer leader position.

Always keep learning!  It makes the days fly by and that’s my only regret is they go so fast.


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