My Candles Are Burning – 31 Day Challenge – Heart and Home

blog-Psalm 46.10

A couple of years ago I read Courtney Joseph’s candle idea of placing a candle in your kitchen.  She says, “Purchase an extra-large candle and light it every day in your home. I start mine in the morning, but you can start yours at dinnertime. Do what makes sense for your family. I often have a candle burning in my kitchen, the main hub of my home. Each time the candle catches my eye, I say a prayer for peace in my home.”

I tried that for awhile, but let it go.  I’ve been cleaning and organizing and went upstairs to get out my fall candles that were still wrapped and never used except for display.  I bought them on sale after the fall seasons over several years and there they stayed on that closet shelf waiting for the next season when I might or might not pull them out.

Ahem!  Really, life is made to live.  Live is made to live in Him and to cherish the moments – not to put those candles in the closet never to be burned, not to have china and linens to save for “special occasions” but never used.  Those occasions may never come.  So I pulled out those candles this week, and this morning they are lit.

I love these dark Fall mornings and the beginning of early evenings.  I love candles, but have not been good about burning them.  But this morning it was dark, it was raining a bit and I lit them.  What better thing to walk into the kitchen and bathroom and see them burning to remind me throughout the morning and evening to be a light to the world, to stop and pray for those in my prayer book.

As I lit that candle in the kitchen, even before I had that first cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, it reminded me to set my eyes on Him not only this morning, but the mornings to come.  As I blow it out before bedtime this evening, may I be reminded as I go to bed thanking Him for ALL He has done for me and my family and friends throughout the day.  It’s a time to reflect on whose I am and who He is.

That flickering candle – a prompt to pray for my home, my family, my friends.  As you walk in the room and breathe in that fragrance, breathe out a prayer.  Courtney reminds us to pray for peace in our home, but I want to be reminded to thank Him for any and every blessing throughout the day – each time the phone rings, each time I hear from someone in my on-line Bible study, each time I click on an email, when the postman drives by, when the trash men drive by, when the FEDEX man drops off a package, etc..

What better way to wind down a busy day than to walk into the kitchen and see a candle burning!  Your children will love it, and I bet your husband will too.  I can’t wait for mine to walk in this afternoon and comment.

In the day it might not shine like it does in the evening, but the flicker is still there.  Today with the clouds mine is really flickering.  Simple reminders to me today of all I am doing here at home and why – you know those mundane things we take for granted like washing clothes, dusting, mopping, changing diapers are things I am doing for my family that are a reflection of Him.  Perhaps we need to be reminded today to pray after that diaper change for those women who are going through infertility or those that have a child who will always be in diapers.  blog - colossians 3.23

PERHAPS as we are washing clothes, we need to thank God for those family members who dirty them up.  I love to stop and pray as I fold clothes for that family member.  PERHAPS today as you clean up dirty dishes that God has blessed you with finances to feed your family.

PERHAPS today as we see prayer requests coming across our facebook news feed, our email or a phone call from a friend or church member that when we say we will pray, that we WILL pray.   When we say “praying or praying for you” may we stop and do it right then.  I find if I don’t, I won’t.  I’ve learned if I don’t right that moment with all the busyness, that now I keep a running list by my computer that I can pick up and go pray about sometime during the day or week.  I love going outside on my front porch or out back by the pool waterfall and sit there and lift those names in prayer.

PERHAPS we need to pull some of those candles out of the closet today and give them as gifts to others with a note for them light their candle.

blog - Matthew 514

Take a few moments today.  Light a candle.  Turn your eyes to that flickering candle and relish a few moments in the awe of the Lord.  You are the light!  Be the light!  May His light shine in my home and in my heart today and always.

My candles are burning, how about yours?

8 thoughts on “My Candles Are Burning – 31 Day Challenge – Heart and Home”

  1. love this! I’ve been watching others take this October challenge, What a wonderful, cheerful reminder. My kitchen is open to the dining room and living area and so a candle brightens and encourages everyone who passes through. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!


    1. De what a great idea – haven’t heard about a prayer table but I love it. We do pray at all meals at our dining table. Yep I had those candles stores for fall and Christmas. The Fall ones are burning today. It’s cloudy and loving that but missed that moon this morning.


    2. Love that idea De. We pray at the dinner table at all our meals and have prayed kneeling bu the bed, but that’s a wonderful idea. Today is a cloudy day here in Texas – love it for burning my candles, but I so missed that beautiful moon this morning. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Neat idea! I have many “for show” candles. I also have a lot of jarred candled that I recently pulled out. My younger daughter loves to have them lit. She says it makes her feel cozy. I think I’ll look for a very large one that I can keep lit all day. Love “life is made to live!”


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