I am already a little behind with Kate Matoung’s 31-Day Challenge.  I’m posting Day 7 of the 31 days and should be on Day 9, but because of that word GO and what it means in my life, it seems that is all I do is go.

This is not something new with me.  I can’t remember ever having a boring day in my life.  I hear people complaining about being bored, and I think how can you be bored.  I wish I could find a boring moment.

I love doing, I love going – not that we are going on trips or anything like that.  It just seems with two grown, married children, a mother-in-law next door, the schools calling for me to substitute teach, a grandson, being involved in on-line Bible studies, loving to blog, loving to read, loving family tree research well I’m doing all the time.  I love, love naps but seldom get one.

I love this Bible verse about going.



How am I going?  Today I participate in on-line Bible studies.  I am a volunteer group leader and a team leader.  Love to join us – check out Proverbs31.Org.  I also am active at my church and we sponsor a compassion child, and I substitute teach finding every opportunity I can to talk about my Jesus to teachers and students.

When my grandson comes to visit I am running like a crazy woman keeping up with him.  He’s one, and he is running all over the house constantly.  Here he was yesterday in a cute little costume that my Mom made for my son 33 years ago.  I just had to try it on him for a few minutes.  Precious memories of Mom as I did.  He can push this little toy faster than I can run.

colt - halloween



I love vacations but we seldom take them.  Sometimes we go to a cabin in south Texas.  It’s fun, it’s in the deep woods, far from town and I love just sitting and watching birds, deer, turkey, cows and flowers and cactus.

I recently took a trip to North Carolina with my on-line Bible study sisters.  Here are a few pictures from that.


So how about you?  What does GO mean to you?



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