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Say – Say What?

God is looking for each one of us to say “Yes”!  I looked back over the last two years at the growth that has occurred in me and realize what a difference saying yes has made.  Every day if we will only listen, God speaks to us.  Have you heard Him, have you heard His whisper – not audibly but a tug at your heart, have you heard Him call you?  I have many times and even more so the last few years as I have grown closer to Him.

I heard him nudging me to retire back in 2011.  Really, I would normally have given months and months of notice, but He nudged me one November day and I retired December 31.  You see He know we were going to lose my Mom about 14 months after that.  It gave me many more moments with her than I would have had if I had continued working running by there in the late afternoons tired, running up there on Sunday after church tired.  God knew, He nudged, and I said YES!

A few months after I retired He lead me to on-line Bible studies and then He said it was time to be volunteer to be a group leader and I was like what, what!  Later as I was approached to be a team leader it was like No Lord, I’m not capable.  He said I will equip you.  I love it.  I love meeting women all over the world.  Many I have met personally and recently got to spend time with 200 of them at a retreat.

Well a few months after that He said it was time to teach.  I said say what!  I am not a teacher. Guess what?  I AM because of who He is!

Romans 9:25-26 – I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies: I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved.”

I’d love for you to share you say what moments!


2 thoughts on “SAY”

  1. My life changed radically in 2011 as well. I’ve always worked with children, but my husband asked if I would be willing to take over the women’s ministry. I said yes, if someone will do the children. Later that year, my chronic pain began. I am hardly able to keep up with kids, but women, I can do! I have been leading Bible Studies with the women in one way or another ever since!


    1. GiGi I used to be the children’s director at our church for many years when my kids were small. I loved it, but I always had a nudge. God is so good to put us places early knowing what we are going to go through. For me too I started subbing, and I ended up the first day with special needs children. I wanted to run, but God changed my heart that day to show me I would have a grandson born the next year with special needs and to see he really was not so bad at all. Love how He works.


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