God Paints An Awesome Canvas

I’m participating in The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge, and running a little behind.  Life well it just gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it?

Good morning!  As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning and think about this beautiful fall day and how the colors are starting to change at my home, I look out at the sunrise and see God painting a beautiful universe.

Blog - Lamentations 3.23 -2

Have you walked out in the morning and watched?  Have you thrown open the blinds and watched a sunrise or sunset lately and seen how glorious .  Have you stood in awe thanking God and welcoming a new day or the end of a day?

What’s not to like about fall!  I love the decorating, I love the mums.  I love the cooler temps and opening up windows so that I can hear the birds outside chirping.  I love how the trees are just now beginning to change a bit, and can’t wait until they turn yellow or orange.

As I think about how God paints our world, I am in awe of every single bit of it.

Blog-Psalm 191-3

Just walk out and look at the sky any time day or night.  Look at the canvas that God has painted.  It never gets old to me.  I love looking at the clouds and the designs, looking at the stars twinkle, cloudy skies, dark clouds, billowy clouds, puffy clouds – all of it.

Blog-Nehemiah 96

It’s up to each one of us if we are going to enjoy God’s handiwork.  How long has it been since you watched a sunrise or sunset?  They are spectacular and breathtaking.

blog-Psalm 8.3

Blog-Psalm 65.8








1 thought on “God Paints An Awesome Canvas”

  1. We are big creationists in our household, we can’t talk about it enough! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and encouragement to embrace the beauty of our God.

    Please join us again on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂


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