Blog-Psalm 621-2

Today I am feeling a little bit down and worn out – perhaps a little virus, perhaps too much rich food and spices but regardless for about a week now my tummy has been nauseous, my head feels like it is going to pop, and I’ve been dizzy.  I am not one to be sick often and it takes a lot to get this lady in bed.  Nope I haven’t ended up there so today my husband said why don’t you stay home and rest.  So when the phone pinged for substitute job last evening I said no.  I am resting today – not really – but it’s restful to be home working on my Bible study, doing a little washing, doing a little cleaning and resting in between with maybe a nap and a walk before the day is done.

As I think about that word rest this morning it brings a lot of different thoughts, and I wonder how much do I actually rest.  It seems to me the older I get the less I rest.  You know things like hormones or just being so involved with life.  I am one that my head seems to be turning and churning all the time with something – whether it be good things or that dreaded word worry.  My husband commented on that the other night and how my mother would stay awake at night – not that she went all the time like I do because she didn’t – but she would stay awake worrying or thinking.

One of the things that pricks my heart today about rest is how I spend my time and what I am doing for the Kingdom because that is what really matters.  There are nights I can’t sleep – yep it’s the hormones.  My husband does not get it.  Years ago when I was young my head hit the pillow and I could be out in seconds.  Today I will lay there and can’t sleep so I’ll pray, I’ll think about my to-do list and you know an hour later I am still laying there so I get up.  I would like to clean or organize but that would wake him so I pray more, I read my Bible study or another book I have in the pipeline, I go on Facebook and check in on my Bible study groups, or I blog.

In resting I think some of that means we need to stop and rest and care for our family.  How often do we get consumed with technology, our to-do list like getting the ironing done, the washing, the folding, the mopping and ignore our families in the evening.  We are all busy.  We have doctor appointments, kids to get to school, homework, sports, taking care of parents, church, hobbies, and ………….Multi-tasking has become the norm.

Are you stopping to rest and spend time with your loved ones?  Are they getting your worst or your best?  I find myself getting too involved sometimes, especially when my husband says “I thought you were getting off of that computer” or “let’s watch a movie”.  I am trying to do better – get my housework and most of my study time done before the evening, but so often I am not home because I’m subbing, meeting a friend for lunch, buying groceries, picking up things we need here or keeping my grandson.  Am I there yet? NO!  Will I ever be?  I don’t know!

One thing that I do know today is that I need to stop and spend more time with family and I need to stop and spend more time with my Holy God!  They are all waiting and expecting us to show up.




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