Work – Are You Working Heartily???

I have been participating in Kate Matoung’s 31 Day October blogging challenge, and it’s been a challenge.  Can I say I am behind, but God knows our hearts, and I know I will have the time to write when the time is right?

Blog-Colossians 323

I love that verse because it reminds me why I do all I do and how I should do it and for whom.

Whatever you do.  Whatever I am doing no matter what the task might me, no matter who I am visiting with, no matter where I am, no matter how frustrated I become, this verse says whatever I am doing.  That means all, that means every single thing, every moment.

Work heartily. Whatever I do, I need to work heartily in my home, on my job, at school, at my church.  I should be doing all I do with enthusiasm.  Do you always tackle things around the house, those menial things – the laundry, the dishes, yard work, cooking, mopping, buying groceries, changing poo poo diapers, packing lunches, chasing toddlers heartily?  How about your marriage – are you working at it heartily?  And then there are those to-do lists?  It is so easy to get caught up in doing and not who we are doing it for?

As for the Lord and not for men.  All that we do should be for the Lord – not for men, not for ourselves.  All that we do should not be for rewards, admiration, approval, compliments or praise by men, but for the Lord.  Are we doing things with a joyful heart or a selfish heart?  Are you enjoying the work your hands are doing?

 The Lord’s inheritance is your reward.  Our inheritance from the Lord is our reward – not those raises, promotions, or thank yous.

We have no higher calling than the work that God has called us to do in every season of our lives.  Yes it  changes.  Believe me!  We have seasons of singleness, seasons of college, seasons of marriage, seasons of toddlers and teenagers, seasons of taking care of parents, seasons of work, seasons of retirement, seasons of illness, and seasons where we may be widows or widowers.  Whatever season we are in we need to bend down our knees with outstretched hands and go through them as unto the Lord. Do you outstretch those hands because of what others think or see ?  Do you outstretch them because of whose you are? Remember that God, the Father sees all we do. He is the only one we need to please.

LORD, today may all we do be done heartily.  May we offer it all up to You!





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