At Peace in the Storm – Book Review

OVERVIEW: Bestselling author Ken Gire weaves together stories from the Bible, history, and his own life to reveal how we can find strength and encouragement through the storms of life. Experience the joy of knowing the God who is always there to reach out a hand and pull you out of the waves. (From the back of the book.)

AUTHOR: Ken Gire (ThM.Dallas Theological Seminary) is the author of twenty-four books, including the bestselling Moments With The Savior Series and Windows of the Soul. He has won two ECPA Gold Medallion Awards, and two of his titles were selected as C.S. Lewis Honor Books. Ken teaches weekend seminars on writing throughout the country.

MY REVIEW: I really enjoyed this book by Ken Gire. Chapter after chapter he gives us wisdom on how we can find strength and encouragement walking through the storms of life. With the exception of a couple of the chapters I was so engrossed with this book. A couple of them seemed slow when he was talking about other books. But I do recommend it, and will keep it handy for reference. I underlined so much of it as I read through.

This book delivers exactly what the title promises and how to’s. It is a light read. Ken uses many, many beautiful verses, quotes and stories throughout.

Thirteen chapters and just look at the titles that guide us to peace from beginning to end:

Peace through Perspective
Peace through Prayer
Peace in the Hospitable Art of Listening
Peace through Friends and Strangers
Peace from God’s Word
Peace in and through Music
Peace through Deep Rest
Peace through the Body of Christ
Peace from a Balanced Brain
Peace from Insightful Books and Movies
Peace Through Serving Others
Peace in God’s Creation
Peace through Recreation

He offers us so many ways that we can find peace.

Whether you are going through a trial right now or just gotten through one, I highly recommend you pick up this book.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of writing a review, but the views expressed are my own.


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