We are half-way through our 31-day challenge with Kate Matoung, and some that are up to date are just a little over halfway so our word for day 14 was away.

Last month I took a long trip to North Carolina to join up with friends I only knew on Facebook through my Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study to the Real Life Dreams Retreat.  I am a volunteer team leader and was joining over 200 women from all over the United States, and a few outside the U.S..  I was a little bit afraid feeling a little bit heavy, a little bit shy, and sometimes it is hard for me to meet people because I tend to be a little more quiet until I get to know people.

Day 1 – I left a day early before the retreat to meet up with some friends in Charlotte, North Carolina so that we would have some time to visit the Proverbs 31 office and some of the staff and also to visit the Billy Graham Library there.   I jumped on the airplane in Dallas and away I went arriving that afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina.   I got there before lunch and two of my on-line friends, Mary and Linda pulled up to the airport and whisked me away to the P31 office.  WOOHOO!  It was like we had always known each other even though I had only met one before from here in Texas, little Shelly.


We left there to have lunch at a nearby Chick- Fil- A and guess who we met going in the door – Melissa Taylor and her staff AGAIN.  Melissa invited us to join them.  It only took a second to say YES please.  It was absolutely thrilling to get to eat with those Jesus girls, and we found that they are just like us with the same mommy issues and just down to earth.

We left there and headed to the Billy Graham Library which was a humbling experience.   Loved it so much and everything was beautifully laid out and we learned so much about Mr. Graham.  NC16

We headed back to the hotel for me to meet up with my roommate for the night, another Debbie later going to try some North Carolina BBQ.  Yep it was as good as Texas BBQ, and I had never been to a sit-down BBQ restaurant.

Just the 4 of us! Sonny’s BBQ.
NC 1
My roommate for Thursday and Sunday, Debbie. Two Debbie’s and a New York license plate in North Carolina.

I loved my roommate for the evening and we left the next morning for The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina for two nights and two days and I would be spending it with another roommate, Mary and yep I was afraid again.   Easy smeasy and a new life-long friend who was amazing.

My roommate for Friday and Saturday – sweet, considerate and loving.


Entrance to The Cove

Every single meal – breakfast through dinner – scrumptious. This one was salmon and there were other choices but could not resist this one.


Gut-wrenching messages.
Awesome worship songs led by Erin Maynor!



Late-night pajama party!


Nature walks with awesome people – Amanda and Mary.
Late-night bonfires with everyone gathered around.


and just times to sit and visit and rock and take in the beauty of the place.NC13


Rocking and texting!!!!

Did I say I was never shy, never quiet during this trip?  Every single one of these ladies are a a gift from God.  Here are just a few of our leaders NC4

We left Asheville on Sunday noon and headed back to Charlotte where we visited Elevation Church and heard Pastor Steven Furtick and met up with another of our sisters.  What a powerful message!  And what fun having dinner together and then coffee afterwards.


I cannot wait to get away with these women, and so many others that could not attend this year, next year.  Real Life dreams AWAY from it all!



  1. AWWW!!! This blog post brought tears to my eyes! Such great memories! I LOVED spending time getting to know you, Debbie! I loved the fact that you stepped out on an uncomfortable limb to hop into our car and let me drive you all over Charlotte and Asheville (instead of you navigating it on your own!)! God’s hand was so all over that trip and I, for one, was changed forever because of those few short days we had to be together! Love you, sweet Debbie! By the way….I want some milk!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I LOVED every minute of mytime away with you! 🙂 It was a great trip! You better be my room mate next time too! 🙂 I am not sharing you “W”! Love you girl! The 4 of us really were like life long friends right from the start. OBS ladies are amazing gifts from God! I am so thankful for you! HUGS my friend.


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