DARE To Put Down Those Electronics – Five Minute Friday

Blog-Psalm 53

I dare you to put down your smartphones, your ipads, your laptops, your television changers or whatever is keeping you from enjoying moments with your family.  How long has it been since you spent some quality meal time?  Why is it we can’t take 30 minutes or an hour to show we care about someone?

Do you ever see others walking with their cellphones and reading or texting while driving?  Why? Why? Why?  I have a friend who ran into a car while walking and checking her smart phone.  I have another that had a wreck while texting and our painter lost a sister who was texting and driving.  What is so important that we can’t wait a couple of minutes or even pull over if we think it is?

What are we teaching our children and grandchildren with all that scrolling, reading, texting, ?  Why even my mother-in-law is checking Facebook now when we are out to eat.  WHY because smart phone time should NEVER be part of family time unless it is an occasional emergency.  Smart phone time is neglect time.  Smart phone time hurts marriages and hurts children.  I’ve seen a mother at a park on her cellphone – actually more than one – with a child on the swing shouting push me mommy, push me mommy.  I love my computer, I love my Bible Studies, I love Facebook, I love researching my family tree, but when my grandson is here I put it down for the day unless he is napping.

Smart phones can also put space between you and God.  Really, do you go to God in the morning or to that phone.  Do you check Facebook to see who liked your posts or Instagram to see who liked your pictures,  or do you spend time in prayer and study?

Smart phones put a wedge between us and what is important – the most important things in life – God and  family.

I DARE you to be polite, be involved, be committed, be thoughtful and put down your electronics.  Try turning them off during your next meal or leave them in another room.  Put them down when you are at a park, leave them in your pockets or purses when you are at a school function or sport with your kids.  Look your family in the eyes and really listen.  Watch them and be blessed by what they are doing.  Try not picking them up in the morning until your breakfast is finished and your prayer and study time completed unless you them to do your Bible study.

Participating in Kate Matoung’s 31 Day Challenge – DARE

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