Welcome November, Hello Daylight Savings Time

Blog-Psalm 1133

WELCOME November.  It’s Saturday, November 1st.  Where has this year gone?  I am never sure, but they go faster than I would like for them too.  I love November.  This first day a cold front, or should I say cool front arrived in Texas.  You might need a jacket here today, or I might, and I’m thinking even a sweater.  A few freeze warnings just North of here but it’s 38 here this morning, but one thing for sure here – it will warm up.

It’s Daylight Saving Day.  Yea – we get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning.

It’s the month of Thanksgiving and posts are already scrolling on my Facebook page with those things folks are thankful for.  Love it and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we saw those every day of the year?  Have you had that feeling today that the holiday season has started?  Thanksgiving will be November 27th this year, after that let the Christmas music begin (yes I wait until after Thanksgiving, but it’s hard), then Christmas, 2015 and in January I’ll be a grandmother to a second grandson.

Did you know Christmas is ONLY 54 days away?  Are you ready?  I’m not.  I am running way behind this year.  Usually I’ve completed much of my shopping in September and October.

The trees are changing, the sunrises and sunsets are georgous.



What do you like about November?

Today share something you are thankful for.  This first day of November I am reflecting on my Savior and all that He has done for me – every single moment of my life.  Thank You Jesus for another day.






8 thoughts on “Welcome November, Hello Daylight Savings Time”

  1. Each part of the year is special for some reason… and I am so thankful for the changing weather seasons… and the variety to our life. This starts the beginning of the holiday season that every year, I try to slow down… being so busy is not the best way to celebrate thankfulness and the Savior’ gift to us. I hope to be more successful at that this year.


    1. Love taking back November. I think we are going to lose. All the stores have Christmas music playing and we saw Christmas lights in the town next to us outside the city hall tonight and a house down the street had theirs up. SAD!


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