Frost Is on The Pumpkins and the Beef Stew Is In The Crockpot – Seriously Snow

It’s been frosty out this week.  It’s not supposed to be in Texas, but it’s early this year.  That deep freezing polar blast that is sweeping the nation made it all the way down here, and the weather man says it isn’t going away in a few days like it usually does.  It has been 30 degrees below what we normally experience in November, it’s been in the 20s, and last night he even said that “S” word, you know snow for Sunday evening. The heat is going, the swimming pool freeze pump is running, and so I got up cooked a hot breakfast for my husband and put on a big pot of beef stew before I my one year old grandson comes for the day.  He will warm things up around here.

I love fall, but not the freezing temps and they are even worse on a day like today when the wind is blowing and howling and the sun does not shine.  But this is the day the Lord has made and I am learning to rejoice in every moment.  There are moments and beauty looking out seeing frost on the grass, on the pumpkins on the front porch, smoke twirling up from chimneys or a fire in the fireplace, leaves dancing across the yard, a sun rising giving way to a cloudy day and even those cloudy days that make us slow down and maybe read some scripture or a good book and sometimes a nap.

And here’s the beef stew I just added to the crockpot.beef stew


I’ll wait to come back in a bit and add a picture of the final product.    It was yummy. Beef Stew 2

I got the recipe here and I used less garlic and less tomato sauce.When the frost is on the pumpkin, I think it might be time for pumpkin bread.  Check back tomorrow or in a couple of days for my Mom’s recipe for pumpkin bread.  Precious memories when I make it.



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