Ways To Memorize Scripture

Blog - Psalm 11911

Why should we memorize scripture?   Every line of God’s Word is like an axle — turning the soul around, moving the soul forward. Getting me there. Without it, my life has no forward motion — I just ram hopelessly about in the same ruts.” Ann Voskamp ”

The Bible tells us to let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly (Colossians 3:16).  It also tells us to store up His word that we might not sin (Psalm 119:11), and says My son, keep my words and treasure my commandments within you.  Keep my commandments and live, and my teaching as the apple of your eye.  Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.  (Proverbs 7:2)

Those verses we memorize are lines.  I think of them like my life lines similar to a rope I might cling to falling off a cliff in those valleys we go through.  They are something I can hang on to during those times when I am not sure how I can get through the next day.  They are lines that fill our minds with what we need right now, this moment. They are lines we can internalize, so that they become a part of who we are and what we are. They are lines that will change our attitudes, our outlook, our joy, and our confidence.   They are lines to strengthen our faith and lines that are there in our minds and written on our hearts so that we might pull them out to help others and ourselves.  They are like boundary lines to remind us how not to sin, and lines like outlines reminding us how to live.

So here are some ways I have used to memorize scripture, and some ways my friends have shared that they use to memorize:

  1. Write in line.  Count the lines then memorize each line one at a time.  For instance, if there are 6 lines memorize one line each day.  Sheila W.
  2. With a Familiar Tune.  With my little ones, I try to put the verse to a familiar melody like Twinkle, Twinkle or Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  Helps us all remember it in a fun way.   Also add hand motions.  Erin C.
  3. Color the Verse.  For me, I use my journal and break my verse apart with color.  It is similar to verse mapping.  Lots of pens and markers, circling key words, relating to you what they mean, etc..  Lots of fun and pretty too.  Erin C.
  4. Write the First Letter of Each Word.  Write the verse on an index card.  Turn the card over and write the first letter of each word.
  5. Write on the bathroom mirror.  Use dry erase markers and write on a bathroom are entry mirror.
  6. Write on an Index Card and Carry It With Me.  I pull it out and read it throughout the day until I no longer need to read the card.  Kaydi S. and Maria R.
  7. Write Out Scripture on Index Cards and Read Them Daily and Verse Map –  I also use verse mapping and verse personalization too. Makes Scripture very real to me and easier to remember.  Nancy S.
  8. Dig Out a Digital Sports Watch and Set the Chime on the Hour.  I dig out a digital sports watch and set it to chime on the hour. every hour on the hour Ii say my verse. If i need to pull out a copy , I do! ***this is fantastic if you are a teacher or a mom….it doesn’t take long for the kids to chime in. and try to say it faster than the others.   Sally P.
  9. Write Them On Anything You Use A Lot.  Mirrors and can even use the fridge. Each time I use it, I say the verse. Even if I don’t get all of it, I have a part that I can at least look up, in a pinch.  Patricia C.
    Patricia Kettell Cordell's photo.

  10. Lock the Screen On Your Phone.  I put it as the lock screen on my phone and try to mediate on it through my day.  Erin P.
  11. Put them to song.  Tracy W. and Jane R.
  12. Fill in the Blank. I really found doing the fill in the blank has made a difference for me. I write out the full verse and re-write it 3 more times leaving out words, which (along with my group) I fill in each morning, on Friday I will write the verse from memory. I found just writing them all out on the first day set it strongly in my memory bank, and each morning glues it a little tighter.   Rosemary S.
  13. Five Times.  Write it out 5 times, Say it out loud 5 times.  Put it on an index card and say it often, and every time it comes to mind.  Lori J.
  14.  Use As a Bookmark.
  15. Write On Index Card and Phrase It.   I write it out on a 3X5 and break it into phrases and repeat and repeat.  Rene’ D.
  16. Write on Index Cards and Place It.  I write it on index cards then I place one in the mirror where I get ready in the morning the other in my car by the speedometer. I say them every time I look.  Rosie M.
  17. Add as Your Screen Saver On Your Computer
  18. Verse Mapping – Cheryl R.
  19. Tape it to Your phone
  20. Make it Your Password
  21. Write it in your planner so that you see it every time you open it during the day
  22. Download it to my iPhone
  23. If you teach at a Christian school, make it the kids memory verse.
  24. Download E- Sword and use their app to memorize
  25. Write It On A Wipe Board In Your Office
  26. Scripture Memory System
  27. Use Scripturetyper.com or Scripture Typer App – Barbara C. and Linda C.
  28. Write the words on index cards and scramble them up.  Put in order.
  29. Write The Verse On a Plate or Plaque.  I keep one in my kitchen.plaque
  30. Make a Maze.  I used to do this in Sunday School the kids loved it.  Write the verse with a word on each card.  Use a big piece of yarn and let them follow it.
  31. Hide and Seek.  Write the verses on pretty cards and let them find them and put the verse in order.
  32. Picture Frames.  Write the verse on a pretty picture frame.  Put some light-colored paper (scrapbook) inside the frame and write on the glass.
  33. Chalkboard.  Write the verse on chalkboard.  I keep one in my laundry room and have one in my office.
  34. Write on Ceramic Tiles.  Buy some tiles or use some old ones lying around.  Write your scripture on them and use a pretty photo stand.

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