Before Amen – Week 1- What’s Your Prayer Life Like Today?

I am part of the Proverbs 31.Org Bible study and we just began a study on Max Lucado’s Book Before Amen.  There was so much this week it is hard to choose what to write about, and just where to start.   Can I just say WOW and WOW!

I loved the memory verse this week.

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It says to go away by ourselves and shut the door.  Love praying on my sofa or on my knees in front of it, but I also found this week I love praying on my closet floor.  Yep I had to clean the floor a bit to organize all the shoes but I did it, and as suggested I took the 4-minute challenge and took my timer in and so here I go for 28 days.  How about you?  Here’s a link to sign up.

I love the part of the verse that says, “God sees everything…”.  He sees it all.  He sees every fear, every tear, every worry, every hair on my head, every star in the sky, the birds in the air.   My prayers are significant.  My prayers are not insignificant to God.  Did you hear that – they are significant!  NOTHING is insignificant to Him.

When we go to our closets or where ever you pray each day, Max provided a simple prayer to follow and you can add to it as you go.  It is called a pocket prayer.  I found myself saying it all week in many classes while I substituted at different schools as a teacher.  Here it is.  It’s simple – tell your Father why He is good, pray for yourself and why you need help, pray for others and why they need help.  Lastly thank Him for whatever is on your heart.  Start simply and build upon this one.

“Father You are good, I need help.  They need help.  Thank You.  In Jesus name.  Amen.”

Max talked about being a prayer wimp and how his brain wonders from here to there, how he can fall asleep praying.  Can you associate with that?  Do you struggle with prayer – being busy, feeling awkward, unbelief because of things that have happened in life?  I can.

“Prayer is conversation with God while driving to work or awaiting an appointment or before interacting with a client.”  Max Lucado

We can pray anywhere, anytime.  I find myself praying all day long.  It might be standing over a sink of dirty dishes thanking God for them and the food He puts on our table.  You might find me folding my husband’s underwear and praying as I fold each piece, or ironing his shirts.  Many times laying in bed during the night or awakening I lay there and pray.  Our grandson was here a week ago spending the night and ended up in our bed, and as he laid his little head on my stomach, I found myself touching his head and praying for him head to toe as I moved my hand down his precious little body.  I pray on my sofa in the mornings for my Bible study sisters and my family – sometimes simple prayers, sometimes gut-wrenching prayers and tears.  Now I’m finding myself praying the pocket prayer at school, when I am in a checkout line, or a service station – just pray for whoever you come in contact with throughout your day – even those people trying to run you off the freeway.

In chapter 2 we were reminded that our Abba, Father is like our daddy and He awaits for us to come to Him just like a little child running to their daddy.  Max said, “Forget greatness; seek littleness.  Trust more; strut less.  Make lots of requests, and accept all the gifts.  Come to God the way a child comes to Daddy.”  And another of my favorites, “Just as a happy child cannot mis-hug, the sincere heart cannot mis-pray.”

Lastly, one of the things this past week that blessed me and I hope it does you too was the webcast.  You will hear Max here telling us how to handle our problems.  He told us to cup our hands in front of us and to reduce the problem down to a sentence.  For example, you could say my health is serious, I have no solutions and then turn it over to Christ. Lift that problem up to Christ as you lift up those cupped hands and say “Father you are good.  I need help” and then slowly lower your hands.  He told us to stop taking our problems to the bar or friends.

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5 thoughts on “Before Amen – Week 1- What’s Your Prayer Life Like Today?”

  1. Prayer has become more a part of my life the past few years. Often a night when I cannot sleep I ask the Lord whom it is I am supposed to pray. I usually pray for the first person or situation that comes to mind. I have had many interesting experiences and stories following the prayers. Pray with ceasing has also taken on a new meaning. One of those long stories I should write about sometime.

    I have signed up for the challenge. At first I thought, I already pray more than four minutes a day. Then thought that another four wouldn’t hurt!!

    I missed the sign up on my PROVERBS 31 small group. I will try to be more faithful reading this blog for my connection.

    God Bless!


  2. Reblogged this on Leaving a Legacy and commented:
    I started a study with Proverbs 31 last week. Max Lucado’s Before Amen is a great study to help you get started on improving your prayer life. I’m not that great at pulling it all together to present it to you, so I share this blog from a friend. Christine is so much better at words then I. It’s not too late to get signed up at Proverbs31.org. IF you don’t want to do the study, at least go get the book, Before Amen

    Before Amen


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