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New Year – 2015

31 Dec

happy new year 20151

It is hard to believe it’s the beginning of a new year.   It’s like the beginning, a new start of a new book for 2015, and the ending of a book for 2014.  We can start today to write about our lives for 2015, and close that book for 2014.  It’s the first day of 365 days, it’s the first day of a new chapter, a day and a year to start over.  Write it to His glory this year!  Start today moving into a new year with a fresh start and fresh attitude. What is your story going to look like this year?  Write out some goals.  Choose one word.  Chose a Bible verse.

A new year, a new me!  A new year, a new beginning!  Goals set, goals broken! Promises made, promises failed. Resolutions made year after year, resolutions broken year after year, but several years ago I changed that.  I focus now on “one word”.  I choose one word to reflect on it all through the year, and it is so much easier.  In 2014 I chose the word simplify and wrote about it here.   For me it was just simpler to pause and reflect on that word as I worked on my home and my health.  In 2013, my one word was less – less of me, more of Him.

My Word for 2015 seems a bit more difficult, and I thought about several like focus, obey, healthy, and organize, but finally settled on:


The word, focus just kept coming back to me, and it seemed to encompass most of the things I want to accomplish this year.  I want to wake up each morning asking God what I need to focus on today – is it family, is it organization, is it blogging, is it encouraging others, is it exercising?  So much more than a New Year’s resolution.  It is focusing on Him in all areas of my life as a wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, cousin, niece, teacher, leader, etc..  Waiting to whisper this new word this year and keep it close when thoughts start making me think I can’t do it or I’m not good enough.  I’ll think about that word and focus and fix my eyes on Him.


I not only chose a word for 2015, but also started a new tradition this Christmas where I shared a verse with my family and gave them each a card for their wallets, that I will be praying over them in 2015.  As I selected this verse I remembered even in 2014 how God has been so gracious to our family and blessed us.  His face has shined on us.


Our friend :Genoa shared this picture and I added the verse.  Now our family can pray over Genoa and her Mom as we pray for each other.

As I read back over my blogs for the past few new years, I had hopes of Colt my grandson being cured of EB. Today I believe he is cured, and from all we know from people all over the world, he has the lightest case there is and he is doing very well with some minor issues with his feet.  My husband and I still pray daily that God will make those feet strong.  Who would have thought a year ago he could crawl and walk and run.  He can.  Shoes still bother him, but right now we are able to buy soft ones.

I also had dreams of more grandchildren the first of 2014 knowing that might not happen because Colt’s parents would not be taking a chance and our daughter had been trying for many years with no success, but we continued to believe and pray.  I had dreams and hopes on January 1, 2014  and guess what our daughter became pregnant in May, and that little boy is due January 28, 2015.  God was good last year to our family, and I thank Him for making my dreams come true, for continually answering prayer.  You can read about that here. Our son and his wife are looking into ways to have another child, and hopefully January 2016 I’ll be writing about another child on the way, and it will be part of my story for 2016.

I also wrote about  New Year and New Me last year.   For me this year I’ve grown so much in my Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies and can’t wait for what is in store for me as I FOCUS.  It seems whatever study they have chosen that God hand-picked it just for me.  Our first one this year is Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman.  I can’t wait to learn when I need to be quiet and when I need to talk.  Come join us!

Aren’t you glad for new beginnings and second chances?  I know I am.   One word, one verse, one commitment.

Welcome 2015!  Thank you God for allowing me the awesome privilege of seeing a New Year, and for the opportunity to grow and become more of what You want me to be. Thank you for friends and family.

Thank you my audience for following me and for your encouragement to a writer wanna be.

May His favor shine on each and every one of you reading this in the coming year.


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Merry Christmas 2014 – Thank You

24 Dec

Christmas 2015

Christmas is Full of JOY – Not Filling the Calendar

22 Dec

Is your calendar full this Christmas season?  Are you running around shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, and decorating?  I find myself in that frenziness, but I am also finding time to stop and spend time in the Word, in church services, and much prayer as it seems so much is going on with friends and family and in this World.

Christmas should not be stressful – it should be CHRIST full!

As you run to and fro this time of the year pause and reflect on these things:


God wrapped up Jesus – a baby – our JOY!  Jesus was the coming of our JOY!

blog - John 1713

He came that my joy may be from Him, not in filling up the calendar!  Joy in Him in all times – dark times, sad times, happy times.  Our joy can only come from Him.

Blog John 1511

To have joy we have to rely on His strength.

Until we realize that we are NOTHING and that He is EVERYTHING to us, our joy will not be complete.

Wishing you a worshipful, restful time with Him this week!

May you be swaddled in His JOY this Christmas and the coming year..

Advent – Week 2 Joy

20 Dec

No matter what we are facing today, we can REJOICE He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. JOY unspeakable. May you feel His joy today and tomorrow.

Advent week 2

Oh Come – Let Us Adore Him

18 Dec

oh come

It’s Five Minute Friday and the word today is adore.  Since it’s Christmas well you know the first thing that pops in my brain is the song, “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him”.

So how about you this season? Are you showing your adoration for Him or are you stressed to the max?  I have to admit it seems now that I’ve gotten older, the Christmas season has gotten more stressful and I am retired.  Geesh what’s up.  I’ve planned days to decorate and clean and well you know the phone rings and I need to sub, an email arrives and some of my friends want to meet for lunch, and just this week I kept my grandson two extra days because my daughter-in-law had to go out of town for a funeral due to a car accident.

One thing I’ve learned you can plan, but things change.  We have these moments. We are not promised tomorrow or even the next second.  We should be savoring the moments and adoring Him not just at Christmas, but every single moment of our lives.

Oh come, Let us adore Him now.

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