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Christmas Memories of Dear Ones

MEMORIES – Memories so precious, memories of dear ones no longer here and building new ones each year with those dear ones in our lives.

Christmas this year has brought back so many memories of Christmas’ past.  Oh my!  For some reason even getting the Thanksgiving preparations done this year made me pause to think of Mom as I was dicing up celery and onions for the dressing.  I was wishing I had taken the time to write down her dressing recipe – instead I found myself searching google for a recipe which turned out great – but it still wasn’t Mom’s.  I swelled up with tears (not from the onions) but from the memories and about that time the phone rang, and it was my husband just in time with his sweet voice.  God is so good!

Then last week I was decorating the tree – my hubby sitting on the sofa watching.  I don’t think in 45 years of marriage he has ever placed an ornament on the tree.  I had to walk out of the room once as the first ornaments I put on the tree were two very old ornaments from my Mom’s tree so many years ago.   I walked in the kitchen, wiped my eyes and came back thinking of all those memories we have made over the years.

My sister, Danna had Mom’s box of ornaments, and wrapped two up for each of us one Christmas.  Hopefully they will persevere and I can give one to my son and one to my daughter someday.

Right smack in the center close to the top of the tree, I always put this picture ornament of Mom, Dad and my sisters that my little sister gave me one Christmas.


So, so many moments of joy

  • Joy remembering Mom and Dad.
  • Joy thinking back about all the things they did that were special on Christmas.  Dad’s poems he wrote , Mom’s chocolate pies and dressing, little things they did like the Cabbage Patch craze and all the grandkids getting one, and yep standing in long lines to get one that year but Mom and Dad did it, Christmas nights staying the night there and them coming to spend the night here.
  • Mom’s house always had stacks and stacks of presents.  It was awesome.
  • Joy thinking back on that first Christmas without Dad and all the special things like my sister, Delores gathering up old clocks Dad had collected, and she wrote a poem and gave each one of his grand kids a clock.
  •  I think back of nephews we have lost and my hubby playing on the floor with them and our son wrestling on Christmas Eve.

So my friends as you go through the holidays and those tears swell up just for a moment wipe them off, and remember all the fond memories that God has blessed you with then and NOW.  Hold on to them.  Make them now.  Take time this year because we never know if they will be here next year.

Memories of a baby girl in NICU one Christmas almost two months old and not able to come home, and her first stocking hanging on her incubator.


Memories of a precious little boy wagging these ornaments home from school.



Memories of a 25th wedding anniversary, and a precious friend giving us this ornament at that celebration.


Participating today in Kate’s Five Minute Friday – Today’s Word is Dear.

This post was featured on Throwback Thursday on 12/10/15.  Tots and Me


6 thoughts on “Christmas Memories of Dear Ones”

  1. Thank you for sharing your memories. This is the thirty third Christmas our precious four year old son is celebrating Christmas with his Lord and Savior. Every year his daddy has hung a kerosene lantern outside at dusk on Christmas Eve. It burns throughout the night and into Christmas Day. It is a beacon of light shining in the darkness. We also hang his Christmas stocking every year.

    We continue to celebrate Christ’s birth with his brothers who are now grown men with their own families.

    Someday we will all gather together to Celebrate Christ’s birth together.

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    1. I cannot even imagine losing a 4 year old. Bless you. We lost two nephews – one to an accident and one due to drugs and it was so painful – still today missing them. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to that little one. Hugs.


  2. Aren’t we allblessed to have had these dearones in our lives? I miss too many, but try to savor the pleasant memories and pay attention to my current loved ones.


  3. Thank you sis for the memories. So glad I kept those old ornaments. The first time I made the memory tree mom loved it so much. Love to you always


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