Christmas Oatmeal Cookies


It’s been such a busy time of the year – with subbing in the public school system, being a part of an amazing on-line Bible Study community, taking care of a grandson, shopping, cards, decorating which is still not done and church.  Last Saturday I had to do something quick.  I had grabbed a really neat and new recipe to make some chocolate pine cones.  They looked like a lot of work and my husband said are you going to do that and take it to church for the first time.  I decided I would wait and perhaps the adult kids can do that for fun Christmas Eve.

Saturday I had spent the day driving up to my Mom and Dad’s grave site after going to buy a pretty wreath and flowers.  I just could not move forward with everything I needed to do until that was done and it took much of the day.  I picked up some candies to come home and create something to take to our church reception after our musical performance.

I made my usual oatmeal cookie recipe (my hubby’s favorite) and I took them out of the oven and immediately added either Hershey’s candy kisses or M&M’s peanut candies to make them festive.  They were a hit and my hubby loved them best of all.  He bragged about them in our Sunday School class.  And I took a tin and a jar to neighbors.

Easy, smeasy!


Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. MERRY CHRISTMAS and BLESSED NEW YEAR!

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