There’s No Place Like Home For Christmas


I love the song “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays”.  Don’t you?  I tend to want to say Christmas instead of holidays and have been throwing out cards that don’t include the word Christmas in them.

I hope that you like me loved going home for Christmas.   I’m so glad my grown-up children do too.  As I got older my Mom and Dad started coming to our homes – mine and my sisters and my aunts.  We rotated.  Since the kids are older mine now we celebrate Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and come back here to spend the night.  We play games and have loads of fun waiting for Christmas morning where I fix breakfast and traditionally it is a breakfast casserole and fruit, but sometimes we add something else to celebrate my son-in-laws birthday which is Christmas.

What was it like going back home for me on Christmas Eve?  Mom and Dad always planned special things and I guess that’s why my husband and I have followed in their footprints.  Dad always wrote a poem and sometimes I do if the whole family is coming here on Christmas Day.  Mom spent lots of time shopping and under the tree was full of presents.  One year when Cabbage Patch Dolls were really the “thing”, she had bought all the grand kids one.  And then there was her dressing which I have not been able to duplicate and I miss it and her chocolate pies.

So how about you?  What Christmas memories do you have going home?



2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home For Christmas”

  1. Hi there,
    We are heading home from our winter residence – back home to family. We won’t see all of them Christmas day but we always try to get together the weekend before. We too have lots of fun with everyone. You made me laugh about throwing out cards without Christmas in them. I did my Christmas letter this year – and I forgot to say Merry Christmas and I always say: Blessings … opps forgot that too. At least God knows what was in my heart.
    Thanks for sharing at Sunday stillness.


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