Christmas Printables – Stocking Stuffers


printables - Christmas1Printables - Christmas


Printables - Christmas 2

Each year my family celebrates so many traditions so I made up some cards to start another.  I will be selecting one verse to pray over my family in 2015, and I will be printing out copies for each of them and placing them in our Jesus stocking.  Our Jesus stocking is a stocking I hang by itself on one of our fireplaces and I leave a pad and pen for the kids to write something they are giving or giving up for Jesus in the next year and they place it in the stocking.  I’ll have them take out the verse I will be praying over them, and then place their gifts.


These could also be used as a party favor, added inside a card, inserted with a gift, used to put on your table for guests on Christmas, etc..  If you have other ideas I would love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Printables – Stocking Stuffers”

  1. I like the Jesus stocking idea. This is our little one’s first Christmas and we’ve been trying to think of the different traditions we’d like to start. This sounds simple and meaningful. Thank you for sharing!


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