Christmas is Full of JOY – Not Filling the Calendar

22 Dec

Is your calendar full this Christmas season?  Are you running around shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, and decorating?  I find myself in that frenziness, but I am also finding time to stop and spend time in the Word, in church services, and much prayer as it seems so much is going on with friends and family and in this World.

Christmas should not be stressful – it should be CHRIST full!

As you run to and fro this time of the year pause and reflect on these things:


God wrapped up Jesus – a baby – our JOY!  Jesus was the coming of our JOY!

blog - John 1713

He came that my joy may be from Him, not in filling up the calendar!  Joy in Him in all times – dark times, sad times, happy times.  Our joy can only come from Him.

Blog John 1511

To have joy we have to rely on His strength.

Until we realize that we are NOTHING and that He is EVERYTHING to us, our joy will not be complete.

Wishing you a worshipful, restful time with Him this week!

May you be swaddled in His JOY this Christmas and the coming year..


2 Responses to “Christmas is Full of JOY – Not Filling the Calendar”

  1. tmpresser December 28, 2014 at 1:23 am #

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post at Good Morning Mondays, blessings.

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