52 Books in 2015

BooksI have a one word for 2015 and a verse to pray over my family.  You can read about those here.  I decided I am going to try two other things this year, as if my calendar is not already full with substitute teaching, keeping my grandson on Fridays and another grandson due in less than four weeks, and leading on-line Bible studies which you can join here.

One of my hobbies is reading.  When I retired two years ago I had added many books to my bookcase anxiously awaiting to read them on those cold wintry days. I would rush to Half-Price Books and pick up books getting ready, and bought all those by Terri Blackstock (Christian mysteries). I would buy books on sale after Christmas at the Christian bookstores.  My mother-in-law read and she added her used books to my library, and I think she has kept a few waiting for me to get caught up.  And there are all those e-books that show up on our newsfeeds that are free for a day to download.  The computer is full of those and I haven’t read a single one, and there are books sitting on my book shelves for probably seven years and more waiting for some down time.

It is time to clear some of that clutter so I decided that I am going to read 52 books in 2015 – one each week.  Really, how hard can that be?  Honestly, probably hard with my schedule, but progress.  A book generally has 200-300 and sometimes 400 pages.  If I take 300 pages/7 days per week that means I only have to read. – 300 / 7  = 42 pages per day or 28 pages a day for a 200 page book.  That’s a big goal and I am not sure I can do it, but I am going to try.  It’s January 5 and I started a book last week, but behind already today.

The second thing I really want to do is read through the Bible.  Actually, I don’t want to just read through the Bible.  I’ve done that before.  This year I am joining Wendy Pope to read through the Bible, and I’ve ordered her download and made a notebook so that as I read through the verses she assigns each day, I can really ponder over what is in those scriptures and learn from them.  That’s another big goal for me, but again I am going to try, and even if I don’t get through the year I’ve attempted and learned from what I do get finished.  I am loving this Chronological Bible and loving the study so far giving me verses to read each day and a video to watch.


21 thoughts on “52 Books in 2015”

  1. You are ambitious my friend! I wish you well as you work for your goals. I am doing the RTW bible study with Wendy and my new Chronological bible arrived this weekend. It will be a great year of learning! Wish me luck too! 🙂


    1. I may only get that Chronological study done along with our OBS ones. Busy week. Colt is here today and Friday. He is napping for the first time in months. School starts back tomorrow and I am subbing Wed already. Got a text this morning. That new baby boy will be here this month too. HUGS!


  2. That’s an excellent goal! I could have easily read 52 books in a year before becoming a mom, but now it’s less doable. And I have read the Bible in a year, 3 pages of the old testament, 1 page of the new. I was proud to have done that.


    1. I pray I can meet all these goals. I keep a grandson (16 mos) at least one day a week, substitute teach all the time and have another grandson due this month (one is my son’s and one my daughter’s) and I’ll be keeping him one day a week so I am really busy. Trying.


  3. Wow. 52 books in a year, now that is ambitious. I am a book blogger and read all of the time but I don’t think I can hit that mark. You will have to keep us up to date throughout the year to let us know how you are progressing.


  4. Those are great goals! Like you, I often want to read more, but reality steps in and wags its finger at me. I’ve read three-quarters of the Bible over the course of 8 months, and it was so gratifying to have done so. It really added to my understanding of God’s love, and the history was a nice and unexpected bonus.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your goals with us at Good Morning Mondays, I always enjoy hearing what people are wanting to achieve this year. I am reading through the Bible this year too and already God is speaking to me. Blessings

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  6. I am an avid reader too so these goals interest me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays in 2014 and so glad to have you continue to share in 2015~ Hope your new year is off to a good start!


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