It’s the end of February and this week has been one day after another with beautiful snow and moments.  I wrote about many of them here yesterday, but today is the first day our 18-month old grandson was here to enjoy the moments with me and enjoy them together we have.

It’s also Kate Matoung’s Five-Minute Friday and the word today is VISIT.

I took him in to look out my kitchen window expecting a flock of birds and guess who was visiting?


You got it.  Not who I expected destroying the bird feeder but there he was and Colt and I had just filled it up as the snow started.  So I grabbed the camera and Colt and I watched until we scared him, and then the birds started coming and the first ones flew down and that baby just squealed watching them.

Colt, like me, loves watching the red birds come visit the bird feeder.  One of them would fly in and he would squeal and laugh.

bird sing

bird snow psalm 637

Later PaPa came home from work early and they took a sled ride.   So how do you take an 18-month old on a sled ride? Well, you get an old laundry basket, tie a very long piece of rope on it, add some big beach towels to keep ’em dry, and GO!  He loved it.  We kept him out about 5 minutes, and when we were bringing him in, he began to cry.


It has been a great visit this week by the thunder sleet, the accumulating snow, the ice, and the rain, but especially our grandson and the birds – not sure about the squirrel.



snow moments

Snow is coming down again today.  I’ve been sitting in the den with my big cup of coffee and gingerbread creamer looking out at the trees, birds, waterfalls flowing into the pool, and beautiful falling snow.  I am welcoming every single savoring moment of this beautiful, cold, glory day.  So white, so beautiful, so clean, so gentle, so hushed, a reverent hush.

snow pool

It has been an unusual week in Texas.  We plummeted from the 70s last Saturday to the 20s today, thunder sleet and ice on Monday and Tuesday.   And this little guy came to visit one of our feeders as it began to sleet.thunder sleet

A beautiful “accumulating snow” yesterday and more snow and ice predicted through this Saturday.  Only in Texas.  That snow yesterday only lasted until afternoon when the sun poured out light and 45 degrees melting every single bit – but today it’s here again for just a while and I am loving it.  God is showing off this week as the Heavens continue to declare His awesome glory and showering us with gifts from Heaven we just might miss if we don’t pause and give thanks for the moment.

snow day


Take a moment, even a few moments today and find some beauty.  It’s really easy to take a moment to reflect on how God has blessed us.  Are you savoring His beauty?  Are you delighting in His beauty?  Are you seeing the wonders of His love today in all those blessings He puts right in front of you?  Are you missing them?  Find some things and be awe-stricken by what He has given you.    Think about the “stuff” – the “little stuff” of life – the things you look back on now that happened long ago.


Here are some things this week I have taken the time to praise God for:

  • This hot cup of coffee with gingerbread creamer.  I bought several of those creamers and stuck them in the freezer so I could enjoy them for many months to come. YUM!
  • My hubby coming in after a hard’s day work this week and making it home safe on a couple of days on icy roads.
  • My hubby leaving in the morning and savoring a hug, really hugging before he walks out that door.  This week I have spent some extra special moments making that hug last a little longer – that kiss a little sweeter.
  • Getting out on a snow day to run errands with my daughter and grandson yesterday and lunch together and she treating me.
  • Hearing that new grandson really cry when he got hungry.  He’s only 3 weeks old and holding him – answered prayers for a child we thought would never be born.
  • Unexpected messages from friends checking up on me because well because of things with my health.
  • Texts from my kids with pictures of the grandkids this week.
  • The reminder to slow down and see those microscopic moments that provide only a taste of who He is
  • That hot pot of soup I made last night enjoying every here in the moment –  cutting up squash, onions and spinach and cooking for the man I love and the new pasta dish I am preparing tonight.
  • Snow dripping from my rooftop after the sun popped out and the sun shining knowing I could get out on the streets and go pick up my daughter.


Snow moments cause us to  pause and reflect on His majesty.

In One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp I read this. “I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks for early light dappled through leaves and the heavy perfume of wild roses in early July and the song of crickets on humid nights and the rivers that run and the stars that rise and the rain that falls and all the good things that a good God gives.  Why would the world need more anger, more outrage?  How does it save the world to reject unabashed joy when it is joy when it is joy that saves us?”

bird a

“The very face of snow is such an amazement.”  Roger Ebert

frozen waters

When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I’ll know I’m growing old.

-Lady Bird Johnson 

snow eccles 3.1

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.
-Author Unknown

 And my friends if you are visiting here from one of those sun-shiny states that never see snow, I pray you can find some glory right here seeing God’s magnificent beauty in my show n’ tell moments.  May He cause you to slow down and reflect on His majesty.

This post was featured on Home and Garden on March 4, 2015.


Psalm 63

Five Minute Friday – Open


Today’s word is OPEN!  I’m blogging over at Kate Matoung’s Five Minute Challenge and I have a challenge for you today.

My first thought is open wide because my daughter-in-law just dropped my grandson off and she is going to the dentist.

Kate shared some beautiful words today.  Check them out.  I laughed because my 17-month old grandson is learning Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  Her lesson on open is all about opening our minds, hearts, hands, ears and mouths today.  Are you doing that?  I am and although I never knew what Lent was all about I do this year and am trying it.  I blogged about that here yesterday.  Blessed my heart and I’m using my mind, heart, hands, ears and mouths to bless others this Lent season.


I also thought about a Facebook post about challenging us to opening our Bibles this morning.  It said something like high-light queens, note takers here is a challenge to open your Bible and take a picture of something you had highlighted or underlined or noted.  I took the challenge and what beautiful words I was reminded of today, and did I need them?  Oh YES I did!  Just in time.

 OPEN those Bibles this morning and share something you highlighted or noted.  If you don’t highlight, try it.  It will bless your socks off.  I PROMISE.  It feels so good at church  or in my morning Bible studies to open up something that is highlighted.

Taking Something Up, Giving Something Up or Doing Some of Both for Lent?


I have never celebrated Lent, but have friends that do including Ash Wednesday which was yesterday and thinking of them I emailed them to tell them how they had blessed me through their actions.  It always intrigued me when I was working and some of the girls would come back from lunch with ashes on their foreheads, but not ever enough to think this non-Catholic girl could celebrate Lent.

This year as I read Karen Ehman’s blog about Lent, I began to research what it is all about and whoa why have I been missing this?  So what is Lent?   It is the 40 days before Easter and excludes Sundays so if you are fasting you can eat those things on Sunday.  Lent began yesterday, Ash Wednesday, and ends at sundown on the Saturday evening prior to Easter.  It’s a time of self-reflection and repentance and prayer.  Don’t we all need that?  I sure do.

I am taking a challenge of doing some or all three categories the next month.  I can’t wait to see how I have changed in 40 days or 46 since Sundays are added back in.  I’m praying about those things to take up and those things to give up to see what has kept me from loving God with all my heart.  He has been talking to me a lot lately, and I have not been listening, but I am NOW after some health challenges this week!  It’s time to do something to be closer to God and closer to friends and family, and it is time to be healthier.

God has placed this on my heart not to make it a to-do list, because that is exactly where I was headed as I started listing ideas.  This is a ‘for-Him list”, not a me to-do list.  This is a holy time, it is a time to reflect on who He is, what He has done and who I am in Him.

So back to Karen Ehman.  I loved her five ideas for “taking up something”, and yes I am going to use all of them.  But I have also come up with many more and hope that you will help me come up with more so we can all use them this year and next.  So I hope to have time to share each day what I’m doing – maybe just a picture but something that will keep me ACCOUNTABLE.

Karen’s Ideas (Go read her blog which breaks these categories down)

  1. Jotting a note
  2. Grab your phone
  3. Lighten a load
  4. Help a stranger
  5. Serve a servant

I can do all those.   Yesterday the first day, I jotted a note to an on-line Bible study friend and sent her a planner.  I had bought two.  I ran a drawing and when her name was pulled with just Lori on it, I did not even know it was someone I already knew through our studies, but who has become a good friend.  Thank You Jesus for blessing us both.  I had two planners and she needed one.

Today  I am going to “lighten a load” and hopefully some other things like a phone call or a note to someone who I have not taken the time to do in a long time, and I am thinking why not more than one.

So here are a whole bunch of other ideas I have come up with and I know you have many more – so SHARE below please.  I have tried to categorize them into “taking something up”, “give something up”, and hey why not do some of both?  Why limit ourselves in getting closer to the Lord during this “Holy Season”.

acts of kindness

Taking Something Up/Prayer

  1. Get up 15 minutes early to pray.
  2. When you say you are going to pray for someone do it then or write it down and do it.  How many times do you say I will pray for you, and you do not?  I am finding it is easier to say I am praying now, I have prayed or write it down so I don’t forget because I will.
  3. Take a prayer walk in your neighborhood or at a mall.  As you walk, pray for who lives in that house.  Pick out something in front so you can associate with that neighbor – like a child’s toy, a flag, beautiful flower beds, horses, etc..   That way you can pray for something specific too.  You can read about one of my prayer walks here.  I am going on a walk today with my daughter and daughter-in-law and grandsons today in my DIL’s neighborhood and hope I can incorporate this today as we walk.
  4. Sit outside your child’s school and pray for all the teachers, staff, admin, janitorial help and children.
  5. Call someone you have not talked to in a long time.
  6. Write a note of thanks or encouragement.
  7. Tell someone about Jesus.
  8. Buy someone’s lunch.
  9. Meet someone for coffee or have them over for a cup.
  10. Visit a nursing home or someone in the hospital.  Cheer someone up this season.
  11. Spend more time with your family.  Make a genuine effort to find some extra time.
  12. Verbally say thank you as you are out and about.  How long has it been since you thanked a waiter/waitress?  We hear so often from some of them how hard their jobs are and most often they don’t even receive tips.  It’s sad when a perfect stranger tells you that you made their day.  It is sad to hear how grouchy and just mean people can be with their me, me attitudes.  Be KIND!
  13. Start exercising – go for a walk, put on a CD, get on a treadmill.
  14. Join a Bible study.  If you aren’t in church I would love for you to check this one out.  I do this in addition to church and these studies will change your life.  Check it out.  Guess what we are all diversified – women of all faiths all over the world.
  15. Help an elderly in your neighborhood.
  16. Only listen to Christian music.  You’ll love it once you do.  I remember who taught me to love Christian music instead of oldies on the radio – my daughter who was a mere five-year old and now it is all I listen too thirty years later.
  17. Sit aside a box or sack and pick at least one things a day to donate and donate 40 at the end of Lent.  Clear out some of that clutter.
  18. Say something nice to your kids and spouse every day.
  19. Be on time.
  20. Volunteer
  21. Get up early and read some scripture, or end your day earlier and read before you go to sleep.
  22. Spend some focused time with each of your children, and don’t forget your spouse.
  23. Look out your window and find something of beauty.  Watch the sunrise, put up some bird feeders and enjoy the beautiful birds, sit and gaze at the clouds.
  24. Do someone else’s chore.  Surprise them.
  25. Forgive someone.
  26. Gather at the table together and share and reflect.
  27. Pay it forward in the grocery line or a fast-food line.
  28. Take your family to church.
  29. Buy a few fast-food gift cards and give them to the needy.
  30. No cell phones at the table.  Really focus on who you are with.
  31. Get a journal and journal 40 days of thankfulness/blessings or blog about it which I hope to do.
  32. Double up on your cooking and take a batch to a friend or neighbor or someone you know who has just come home from a hospital or are shut-ins.
  33. Clean or organize something every day.
  34. Do some yard work.
  35. Read a story to your grandchildren.
  36. Pick up your grandchild and take him/her for ice cream.
  37. Give hugs.
  38. Hold your hubby’s  hand.
  39. Have a date night.
  40. Light some candles for dinner.

Lent 2

Giving Something Up/Fasting 

  1. Diet soda or soda
  2. Chocolate
  3. Go shopping and leave the best parking spot for someone else.
  4. Caffeine
  5.  Drinking
  6.  Sweets
  7.  Smoking
  8.  Dipping
  9.  Judging others
  10.  Comparing yourself with others.
  11.  Facebook or Instagram
  12.  Snacking
  13.  Salt
  14.  Fast Food
  15.  Texting or Talking on the Phone While Driving or even Walking or When sitting down to eat with someone
  16.  Gossiping
  17.  Using credit cards
  18.  Complaining
  19.  Procrastinating
  20.  Laziness
  21.  Bullying
  22. Cutting off other drivers.  Just stop it.
  23. Speeding.  Slow down and save your life and others.
  24. Following too close.  Make room for problems ahead and even from behind.
  25. Unhealthy snacking

A Winner Announced

MANY thanks to each one of you that commented here or on Glorifying Him and shared the post for the free planner.  I wrote out your names – some numerous times, put them all in a bowl and shuffled and shuffled and closed my eyes and pulled out a winner from all the entries.  I hope to be giving away something else SOON!  



WINNER is Lori.

 Please message me on Glorifying Him your address.  You commented on  my blog five days ago and said you are already a facebook fan..  There is no last name or link.  I’ll respond to your message and try to get this beauty in the mail to you.