Five Minute Friday – Wait

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I know it’s Sunday, but I just didn’t have time to write about WAIT on Kate Motanug’s Five Minute Friday.  So here goes my 5 minutes.  GO!

Wait.  That’s a word we live with all our lives.  Aren’t we always waiting on something?  We are waiting for the next meal, waiting for God to heal someone, waiting for God to work through infertility or miscarriage, waiting for the school bell to ring, waiting in that carpool line, waiting for the next season, waiting to lose some weight, waiting for test results, waiting for our favorite show to come on, waiting for a late meeting, waiting to meet that special someone, waiting for a letter of acceptance from a college, waiting for that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Why are we waiting, why are we counting the moments, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years until retirement, vacation, graduation, marriage?  How do we learn to live in this moment?  How do we learn to give it all we can give right NOW, right here?

In the waiting, we need to trust, we need to pour our hearts out to the Lord as we are on our knees praying, we need to be in the Word, and remain steadfast in the hope of the Lord.  It’s in the waiting we see Him at work.  It’s in the waiting we see His purpose in our lives through every season.

Can we just focus on “NOW” – on today – on this moment?  Can we just focus on what God is doing right now? Look around.  Can you see what He is doing now?  We want instant results because we are in a technological today, and so we expect God to answer right NOW, but it’s in the waiting that we learn, it’s in the waiting we grow, it’s in the waiting we watch and see Him move and work.  It’s in today as we walk outside and see those fall trees changing colors, those breezy days with the trees flowing, cool, crisp days. It’s in those moments we stop and praise God and have hope for what He is doing, what He will do, and what He has done.

So in the waiting, remember  Matthew 6:6 – “God sees everything…”.  He sees it all.  He sees every fear, every tear, every worry, every hair on my head, every star in the sky, the birds in the air.   My prayers are significant.  My prayers are not insignificant to God.  Did you hear that – they are significant!  NOTHING is insignificant to Him.


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