KEEPing My Mouth Shut or ……..

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Funny I am reading Karen Ehman’s book Keep It Shut with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, and what word pops up on Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday?  Yep it was keep.

We are learning how to keep it shut, when to speak and when not to speak or say nothing at all.  Do you have a problem with that?  I am thinking many of us do since we had over 40,000 women join this study.

Do I have a problem?  Oh yes I do.  It is that little when to speak part.  That part where I can kill you with quietness.  I am normally quiet and love, love, love friends who talk because I don’t have to, but when I get upset I can turn on the silent treatment, and although I know it is wrong sometimes I do it anyway.

Let’s say God is not finished with me yet.  I am learning, I am changing and I don’t have those silent weeks like I did so long ago.  God has worked a miracle on me through these years and it keeps getting better and better.  Thank You Lord!  And Lord forgive me for all those times, those days and probably even some weeks I zipped my lips when I should not have.

I have to go back to last week to share one of my favorite parts of the study.  Actually, you would laugh to look at my highlighted book.  Love this book and well I have lots of favorite parts.  You should buy it.  I’m picking it up for a good friend’s daughter who is having issues at school with some hateful girls.  My friend’s daughter is gorgeous, played basketball, volleyball and a couple of girls has caused her to not want to go to high school this year even calling her ugly when they see her in the hall.  I wish I were that ugly.

Anyway here was my favorite part of Chapter 2 that I wrote about last week.  I loved what Karen Ehman said:

“God intentionally orchestrated the relationships in our lives.  He knew who would share your last name – or your four walls.  Who would occupy a seat in your car pool or dwell in the house right next door.  It didn’t surprise him who would wind up to be your in-law or be the one to teach your kids.

All the humans you encounter throughout the course of the day are “on purpose” people.  God plopped them into your life for a reason.

These souls – whether they are of he easy-to-love variety or the scratch sandpaper kind – can be used by God to mold, reshape, and sometimes stretch our souls as he perpetually crafts us into creations who are becoming more and more like his son.”

Will we be perfect?  Nope.  Never. (Not until heaven!)  Just like Joseph?  Maybe close.  

But this I am certain:  others can catch a quick glimpse of Jesus when they see us speak and act in ways that honor him and line up with God’s Word.

Others are watching, sizing up how we behave.  What will they see?  Stirred-up strive –  or lovingly covered offenses?  Speech that incites spats and squabbles?  Or speech that soothes and heals?

You choose.  (Psst….The correct answer is “g”. Grace.)

If you want to read that blog about how I burned the beans, well you can do that here and also read about my first week in the Keep It Shut book.


4 thoughts on “KEEPing My Mouth Shut or ……..”

  1. This post stopped me dead in my tracks I had to read it. I have read the first 2 chapters and awaiting my book. I know it has been shipped. I just want to hold it in my hands and use my highlighter. Any ways great post. I haven’t written one yet, oh but I will ! Loved it !

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