Online-Onstage May We Lace Those Words With Grace

blog - Colossians 45-6

Karen Ehman in Keep It Shut talked about how our words should be filled with grace because when we are online we are on stage to the world.  Ouch!

I don’t know about you, but  growing up I was not one to ever like being on stage – stage fright, racing heart, sweaty palms and so scared. As I worked for many years and went back and finished my business degree, I began to not panic when I had to lead a meeting, when I got up to speak at retirement or going away lunches, and even my own retirement speech was fun preparing, and getting up at Church.  How about praying in an audience?  Today I sure do like and post a whole lot on Facebook and love blogging so I forget I am on stage every single time I type a word or like a post.  Perhaps some days I really do need a little of that stage fright back.

So how about you?  How do you speak online or onstage?   Are you one to have stage fright like I used to, or do you smile and enjoy being on stage?

How do you talk online – when on Instagram, Facebook, tweeting, emailing, blogging or just simply texting?  I know many times when I am texting it comes across wrong, and I may hear back from my audience and what they heard is not what I said or what I was thinking.  Sometimes I am in a hurry and it just sounds bad when I go back and read something I wrote in a rush, or maybe whoever you are writing too is having a bad day and they take it wrong.

Are your words pleasing, are they wise, do they show God’s love?  Do your words show mercy, do they encourage or are they filled with vulgarity and harshness?  Are you lacing those words with grace just as our Father has done?

Here are some of the things Karen shared:

  • “Although the Bible was written long before the computer age, I am convinced the truths of Scripture that address how we use our words in speech applies equally to how we use our words in cyberspace.  In fact, sometimes it’s the online words that give us the most trouble.”
  • “Sometimes the keyboard really does bring out the worst in us.”
  • “If you are tempted to slam someone online or brag on Facebook or send off a nasty tweet, turn off the screen and walk away!”
  • “Our words should glorify God, and not just exalt our own opinions.”

And Stacy Lowe shared in a video and these words this week of the analogy of pouring water into others lives and how we fail to remember that one little comment is pouring into a person’s life.  She reminded us that we should be asking ourselves if that is the way we really want to pour into someone’s life and is that the way we want someone pouring into our lives.  Let’s do each other a favor and keep it shut. There is a person on the receiving end of what we say or write.  For good or for bad, the things we say are pouring into someone’s life.

How am I pouring into others lives?  How are you pouring into others lives?  Can you remember a time you gossiped, you said something hurtful, or said nothing at all when someone needed a word of encouragement?

Do you greet your family each morning with words laced with grace?  No matter where we are at home, at church, at school, at work or on-line, we are on stage.  It may be an audience of one or thousands, but you know what really matters is something I’ve heard over and over in our Bible studies for leaders at Proverbs31.Org when we have quiet groups and get discouraged at times is this – “We are an audience of One”.  That One is the only one that really matters and we need to remember when we are on that keyboard, when we are facing loved ones or even those who despise us, we are on stage.

Smile you are posing for One.  Delivery words of grace to someone today and every day.


9 thoughts on “Online-Onstage May We Lace Those Words With Grace”

  1. It is so easy to misunderstand words when you can’t hear them spoken or see the face speaking them. Makes me think harder about how to word things on social media.


  2. What a great post and a great reminder to watch our tongues and the words that come out of our mouths. thank you also for reminding me that even my audience at home is important. Thank you for linking up again at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


  3. Such an important lesson for everyone! Greeting the day with a smile and a kind word can make all the difference for your family as well as yourself. Also, my mom always taught us that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. I still try to heed her advice; Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  4. Very interesting. I had horrible stage fright as a kid and even now in a large crowd, I do not like being the center of attention. But blogging I can be myself and am not scared to write what I feel. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup. Pinned to our linkup board.


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